It’s been said many times here already, but it bears repeating as I believe the more you can hear it the better as you and Marty deserve nothing less than this little piece of support during such a challenging time.

Thank you for updating us all on Marty and let him know more prayers are being sent his and your way. We all miss having Marty on the forum providing his immense model railroading knowledge. 


shoal creek railroad posted:

Hi Marty , here is wishing you a speedy recovery. I am also currently going through chemo.  It's been thirty six weeks now . A little over two and and a half years ago I was diognosed with stage four prostate cancer . I did chemo at that time as well . Everyone reacts differently to this treatment , hang in there and above all stay positive and remain as active as you can. Things will get better.

Shoal Creek Railroad, prayers of healing and comfort to you, too.

I think about Marty often. In the early years of my model railroading hobby, Marty was a Toy Train Rock Star! He is iconic indeed. I will keep him in my prayers and pray for a complete and miraculous recovery. 



"On track, on time, and over budget!" 

Prayers and good thoughts for both coming your way..

Marty is as tough as they come and I'm willing to bet Dotty is tougher!!  I hope you have the best possible holiday all things considered..



Live the Dream,

Own the Best!


I liken having cancer to the Groucho Marx saying, ‘ I wouldn’t want to be in any club that would have me as a member.’  Nobody wants to be in the club, but once you have cancer you have a lifetime membership.  And your dues have been paid.  And anyone in the club is my bro.  I give anyone who tells me they have had it a hug, without hesitation.  I won’t say a prayer lest God smite me down for the sin of being disingenuous, but let my best wishes serve as a heartfelt hug.  I sincerely hope things take a turn for the better.  I don’t know Marty, but I know he is a legend in the model train universe from this forum.  Hang in there bro.  Miracles do happen.

William 1 posted:

This sounds rough.  I almost died of cancer two years ago and am now in remission.  Anyone who has had it is my bro for life.  I wish you both nothing but the best through these hard times.

Glad to hear you are in remission.  a million best wishes John

They don’t come better than Marty. He sent me battery harnesses for some PS1 engines for nothing...not even postage. Wouldn’t take any $$$ even after I insisted.

Men like him are in short supply these days. Willing to share immense knowledge to put the hobby forward. 

Get better soon!


Dotty reads the O Gauge Forum posts to Marty every day.  Let's send him some memories.

Here's one.  I've known Marty for about 30 years or so.  We've spent a lot of time together at" super gourmet" lunchtime eateries. We often talked about our military experiences.  When he reminisced  about his training at Great Lakes I said that I remembered a photograph  in one of my trolley books showing a North Shore interurban with sailors' heads hanging out the windows.  And sure enough, one of them turned out to be Marty.



Lew Schneider

Me thinks "LewRail"has come up with an EXCELLENT🆒️👍 extension to this thread...everyone should add their memories of Marty Fitzhenry. Heres mine....though short. I've been to two TrainStocks,  and both times when i tried to approach Marty, there were already several folks crowding and cutting in ahead of me "jammin'" him with train questions......i never got to chat, but it shows everyone what a popular guy he is!  Like the only gal at the Naval Academy dance.  But not so!

C-57D  Pilot

I've never met Marty in person.. I have followed him on the Forum.. He is a wealth of information and he is always willing to share his knowledge!! Hang in there my friend!!

CFO, Construction Superintendent; Clinch River, and Southern RR.. (The CRS O Gauge Line)

TCA #19-744637

Dotty, thoughts and prayers for you and Marty. 


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After conversing with Marty on OGR, I finally met him and Dotty in person at my first York a couple years ago.  I was late getting to the OGR breakfast, and Marty invited me to sit in the one empty seat next to him.  After great conversation at breakfast, I ran into him in the Orange Hall about an hour after opening.  He asked me what I had bought, and when all I could show him was a bottle of glue, he told me to get busy and buy a train.  LOL. I ran into Dotty 3 or 4 times that day and she always had a nice greeting!  Very nice people!!!

I have kept Marty up to date on your wonderful, heartfelt posts. He is most grateful to be a part of such a close knit, supportive group of like minded train people.  Thank you from both of us.

Dotty Perry; TCA #08-62610;  LCCA #30067;  LOTS #8430;  LRRC#403367; Mass. Bay RR Enthusiasts


Marty with his grandson, Dean.

Update: December 10, 2019.

The doctors have been unable to get the infection in Marty’s toe knocked down. He’s in extreme pain 24/7, even with a cocktail of pain medications. With an infection he can’t have chemo, so the tumors in his lungs are starting to grow again. The tumors in his brain aren’t growing fast, but will eventually cause problems. After talking at length with the teams of doctors and the lack of options, Marty has made the decision to go into hospice care (End of life care). He's tired of fighting, tired of the constant pain. Until the pain can be controlled he will be in a hospice facility near his home, with the hope that he’ll be able to return home with hospice assistance, for his remaining time with us. Thank you all again for your prayers and  good wishes. Dotty  

Dotty Perry; TCA #08-62610;  LCCA #30067;  LOTS #8430;  LRRC#403367; Mass. Bay RR Enthusiasts


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Prayers to both of you.





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