As we go through this life, we do not know how the decisions we make will influence our path or the person we will ultimately become. Marty has obviously made many right decisions during his time on this earth. The evidence of this is how many people's lives he has touched and love he has shown to others. The Good Lord will reward you many times over my friend.

Our continued prayers are with you both. Love and peace.



Thank you, Dotty, for continuing to keep us updated.  I’m grateful for having met you and Marty a few years ago when my son and I came to your home to have an engine repaired.  We were fortunate enough to experience first hand what wonderful people you are.  May God bless you both.


Enjoying this Great Hobby in memory of Dad & Pop...the "original Joe's" responsible for my interest in trains!!

Dotty,  thanks for the update.  It's heart breaking.  I will continue to pray daily for you, Marty and your entire family.   I think about you guys everyday when I drive by the East St. Exit off of 128.  If you need anything, an errand run, don't hesitate to reach out.   Chris A from Middleboro, MA.   

My Heart is breaking , I’m at a loss for words. May God watch over and Bless you Marty ! 

Dotty , thanks for keeping us posted. 










Thank-you for keeping us updated on Marty.  Like everyone else, this is not the news I hoped to hear.   My hope is that you both are able to take some small comfort in knowing you've both touched many people both near and far and the world is a better place for having the both of you in it.  You both are in all of our continued prayers.  


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Having seen my father, sister, and cousin cared for by hospices I can testify to the emotions we all feel.  On the one hand we hope for miracles and healing.  But reality tells us that there comes a time when the doctors can only do so much. The hospice puts everything into perspective. It is a wonderful institution.

Suffering is minimized. Friends and family prepare to say farewell.  Regardless of ones religion it is a time for memory and faith.  

Lew Schneider

I don't get on much since my accident but was in tears reading this. I met Marty at one of Barry's mth meets years ago. He went out of his way to explain the update procedure and showed me how to perform them on my Remote, TIU and WiFi. As if that wasn't enough he then showed me how to do a backup. Unbelievable. I immediately knew I had a friend. He made me so comfortable and later I sent two engines to him for repair. He is so knowledgeable that it blows me away. I have been praying for a long time for him and you Dotty. May God's will be done in whatever his decision is and may peace and love be with you both. You both will always have friends big and small not only here but in the hereafter. God Bless you both and my prayers will continue!

dottyperry posted:


Marty with his grandson, Dean.

Update: December 10, 2019.

The doctors have been unable to get the infection in Marty’s toe knocked down. He’s in extreme pain 24/7, even with a cocktail of pain medications. With an infection he can’t have chemo, so the tumors in his lungs are starting to grow again.


First know that my prayers are with you both..this is terrible news..


Live the Dream,

Own the Best!


Thank you so much Dottie for keeping us all informed, I'm sure it hard for you to even tell us all what's going on with you both !I'll never quit praying for you both to have a God Speed Miracle God only knows Marty deserves a Miracle never met a kinder gentler person In my life that has helped so many to help anyone with anything, he is truly a best friend forever!

Alan Mancus

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RD, the restricted blood flow to the lower leg is one  reason the scrape doesn’t heal, depressed immune system during chemo is the other. An amputation would also not heal and would likely be reinfected. Chemo can’t be given for a while before and after surgery, which allows the cancer in other parts of the body to regrow. What to do about this  and the original tumor in the leg have  been hashed out by us and the teams together (podiatry, vascular, oncology) for months. Hazards outweigh any benefits. We knew from the beginning that all that could be offered was palliative care, and they’ve done a great job. Now he’s tired of fighting. 

Dotty Perry; TCA #08-62610;  LCCA #30067;  LOTS #8430;  LRRC#403367; Mass. Bay RR Enthusiasts

I sit here at 5:30 a.m. and think that there are no words that I can add to soften this heartbreaking situation for you both.   The words palliative care ring hollow at times like these when pain does not abate.

For some reason I started thinking about the Beatles verse, " Life is very short and there is no time for fussing or fighting, my friend . . . ". 

Marty and you are now faced with decisions that no one should have to make. Whatever decision you make, it will be the right one.

May you be granted the unbelievable strength you need in these very trying times.

I hope that you hear the support you and Marty have with people he has found through this hobby and some, like me, he never met.  


If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster

and treat those two imposters just the same . . . .

. .


This has been so sad to hear.  Marty was such a great ambassador, friend, and help.  Dottie and Marty were the primary reason I enjoyed going to York.  Marty will be missed so much.  G

MTH Authorized Service Center

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Virginia Train Collectors Member


I am at a loss of words to express my thanks to you and Marty for being my train friends, football foes and such nice folks to know and cross paths. Marty is truly a ambassador to this hobby and am sorry to hear the awful news you have been updating us with. 
I will always cherish this picture. 25419B15-8287-4E8B-9D38-2EB5F635A502

Ted Bertiger, President

Ocean County Society of Model Railroaders Lakewood, N.J.



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Any of us who have dealt with this particular heartbreaking situation , very deeply and profoundly share your pain and  helplessness. 

When my dad made this same choice, his faith in God gave my mother and me the courage and solace to carry on.

God's speed to you,  Marty and  Dotty.

John E. Nagurney

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