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Ted, when I was cutting this short video, I to had tears to my eyes. One of my bucket lists was to sign that wall. Don

What a wonderful tribute Don.  So pleased that my photo could be used at the conclusion.  


Lew Schneider

Lou N posted:
scale rail posted:

Ted, when I was cutting this short video, I to had tears to my eyes. One of my bucket lists was to sign that wall. Don

And I was supposed to sign the Train America Studios sign he got from Mike. 

Lou N

I went with Marty, Dotty and Mike to the old TAS location. We took the TAS sign and put it in my car. I had driven from NY and Marty and Dotty flew in from Boston. So I was the keeper of the sign while it was in transit from Ohio to NY to Dedham. Marty loved that sign. Great trip and good times.



I was never lucky enough to have met Marty , but I feel that I know him as a dear friend by reading all of the great tips and words of wisdom he left over the years . My deepest sympathy to Dotty and Marty's family . He will be missed .

I only knew Marty through many years of lurking on this forum.  He was obviously well loved and respected by everyone, and a great ambassador for our hobby.  RIP Marty.  My condolences to his family and friends.


I have never met Marty or Dotty but read and enjoyed many pictures.  With such an outpouring of public morning at the loss of this man it's easy to see that he was a good man and brought many people, including me, a lot of happiness.  My thoughts and prayers are with his family.  He is missed.  

Was fortunate to meet Marty several times since my return to the hobby in 2009. I attended the DCS dinner/meeting at October 09 York and recognized him from reading OGR and CTT years earlier. Talked with him again a few years later at a spring York, at another Fall York meet, and again last Feb at Trainstock. He was a remarkable fella and as many have mentioned, the sheer volume of testimonials here shows what a wonderful effect he has had on so many of us and others outside of the hobby. A selfless and giving individual who loved to share his knowledge and expertise with everyone!

Dotty you are so appreciated for being there with him all these years 'for better and for worse', God bless you and may you find comfort and peace in the days ahead...

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As I said in my earlier post. This was a GIANT of a man who touch many lives. May you rest in peace Marty. My sympathy and condolences to Dottie and the family.


I too only knew Marty as a lurker here. I did see how he was always willing to jump in and help other modelers. 

My prayers and condolences to Dotty.

I am saddened to hear this news, even though I expected it was coming.  Godspeed Marty, I know you're in a better place now.  My condolences to the family, and especially Dotty, who was tireless in her care for Marty.  I'm very sorry for your loss.  I will miss seeing my friend, he certainly leaves a void that can't be filled.

Lew, when I saw the picture of Marty and Dotty you took, I knew that was my end shot. Thank You. Don

I am unable to add anything more.  I only knew Marty from OGR Videos, OGR Magazine and his forum posts.  My condolences to his family and many friends.  NH Joe

From the many posts, tributes and anecdotes within our forum community it's obvious how much Marty's generosity helped so many of us.  Although his physical absence will be a void among us, his natural unselfishness to offer help, contribute advice, generate friendships and fond memories will also keep Marty immortal among us.  Thank you Marty.

My sincere condolences to Dotty and Marty's family and many friends.

Back in the 80's I received a phone call from the wife of another friend in the hobby about his passing; I told her at the time "I never know what to say at a time like this." She said "just say your life was made better for knowing the person." fifteen pages from the first posting of Marty's illness, and six in less than 24 hrs. since his passing shows what he meant to us (me included). 

Several times at Trainstock I said to Marty "I would love to see his lay-out," he would say "just call." When the time came I understand he drove from an MTH training in Maryland the afternoon before home outside of Boston to welcome my wife, granddaughter [Cassie] and me to his lay-out in the morning. We all enjoyed our three hour visit as I got to know Marty more. Dotty my wife said after the visit she finally felt she knew another female she could talk around my hobby and my granddaughter enjoyed finding all the little characters on the lay-out and Marty's cat.

Dotty our condolences to you and Marty's family; Marty has made us all better for knowing him and you.


Vernon, Pam and Cassie       

Marty, you will be missed. Dotty, my heart goes out to you and the rest of the family.

I don't think I ever interacted with Marty due to me joining the forum only fairly recently, 3 rail is a new hobby for me at 52.   

However I've read every post in this thread and can only imagine to someday aspire to be one hundredth of the man that Marty was.   What an icon he was and how loved he was by so many.   I've watched the posted videos here and read the posts and realize how much I shall miss by never having the opportunity to interact with Marty and get to know him.

His posts here at the forum will hopefully be here for a very long time and will be his lasting legacy.  

RIP to Marty, someone I shall always wish I had the opportunity to meet and interact with.  

RIP Marty, may you find peace with out the pain and suffering.  Our thoughts are with Dotty and the family.

I had the pleasure of meeting Marty and Dotty at the Marlborough Train Show 12-13-2009, so sorry, a very nice couple.

Left to right, me, Marty and Dotty, Jim and Paul, in the back is Al and Chris.

Marlborough Show_1 12_13_09


Images (1)

I’m so sorry to hear we’ve lost Marty. Funny thing, I still remember the first time I ran across his name so many years ago in one of Jim Barrett’s OGR columns. And I always read his posts here  

My condolences and warmest wishes to Dotty and all Marty’s family and friends. 



You do not take this path alone, my heart and, it seems, the hearts of the entire forum, go out to you and yours in this very personal time.  Although we can not lessen the sorrow we can remind you that we are here and care deeply for your loss.

May his memory be a blessing.

Manny Levin

Sorry to hear of the passing of Marty. I was fortunate to meet Dotty and Marty a few times at York and always enjoyed their company. It is a sad time but many of us were blessed by meeting and talking to the couple. Godspeed.


Dotty,  my condolences and prayers go out for you and your families.  I am so thankful that I did get to meet and visit with you both in the past couple of years.   Marty was so incredibly helpful going through two of my engines with a "fine tooth comb", heck I was having so much fun talking to him, I didn't want the diagnostic session to end. 

I am sure you and his family miss him dearly,  but he's definitely in a better place. 

He was an incredibly generous, caring, welcoming person,  and he had a really special person by his side when it really counted !  May God keep you and bless you both.  

2 Timothy 4:6-8.  We have reason to celebrate the life of our friend. His suffering is over. Today he has a perfect body and stands in the presence of our Lord. I will miss him, but I rejoice in his life.

Marty left us all part of his DNA in this forum. There are over 64K of his postings that remain in digitized archives. His contribution to this forum and indeed this hobby will be perpetuated for years to come.

My prayers are for his family. When the sharp edge of this pain has passed, what remains are the good memories that you will cherish forever.

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My truly heartfelt condolences to the Fitzhenry family.

Dotty,  I am sure my own feelings of gratitude are shared by many who appreciated your brave and forthright updates on your shared struggles these last days.

And I'm equally sure many would appreciate knowing of any special organizations or causes that donations in Marty's memory could be made.


It’s taken me this long to write something because honestly, there’s nothing I can say that hasn’t already been said. He was truly a wonderful guy. When I needed help he simply said “call me.” I’m glad I got the chance to visit his fabulous layout. Marty and Dotty made us feel at home that day. Well worth the trip from Putnam County, NY. 

He will be missed. My condolences to Dotty and his family. 


We had 7 months to adjust to the fact that Marty’s cancer wasn’t going to be cured, that it would be responsible for the end of his life’s journey. Still, you’re never really prepared. Just when I think I’ve got a handle on it, I read all the tributes, stories, accolades, good wishes, blessings, and heartfelt messages on this forum, and realize I’m really just starting to grieve. What makes this all so much easier to bear is knowing how loved, admired and respected Marty was, and that I’m not grieving alone. The entire O Gauge community is on here to support and comfort each other as well as me and Marty’s family. All I can think to say , from deep in my soul, is  “Thank You”!!                                          (In answer to a question many have asked, Marty and I were together just short of 14 fantastic years. During half of that time, 7 years, we fought his 3 bouts of cancer together. )

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I'm really glad n happy to have know you both you both have made a big difference In my life. Believe me I'm grieving with you equally and just thank God he is not suffering anymore. someday well all be together again running trains in Heaven where he is  now and forever! 

I met Marty at a few Trainstocks, Big E Trainshows and TCA meets. Always just small talk.  His knowledge of everything O Scale is something that will be sorely missed.  Most importantly,  he was there to share and help others.  He was a good soul...   RIP...

dottyperry posted:

................................. All I can think to say , from deep in my soul, is  “Thank You”!!..........                                        

God Bless you, Dotty

As is often the case, I am at a loss for words when news like this comes.

Marty was a fantastic person, hundreds of post attest to that, as did his life. We are all better for having known him, either closely, or at distance, or even just through this forum.

Dotty and his family remain in my prayers, as do all of those of this forum who morn for him, may the Peace of God be with you all today, tomorrow, and in the days to come. Rejoice in his life, morn his passing, and await the day when we may be rejoined to those we love and care for again.

Peace be with you all!

Dotti, Thank you so much for your last comment and letting us know how your doing emotionally. I could only imagine the tears that were rolling down your cheeks as you typed those words to us. Along with everyone, I too will miss him here on the forum and at York shows. I hope that you will continue to still stay on board with us here and maybe even York so that we can give you a hug for your loss. I only wish I could have made the trip to your home to see the layout and sign the wall. Because of Marty I got interested in electrics running under wires and started purchasing engines with pantographs. My future layout will definitely have a Fitzhenry Junction. 

We are all part of what truly is the greatest hobby on earth. Think about it, we not only enjoy the hobby because of the exploration of skills it takes or lack thereof but as I age I realize one of the most important things about this hobby is how it brings people together. This all started with a little steam, a loud horn, the wave of a conductor, or that family train running around the Christmas tree.  Whatever the reason we are in this brother/sisterhood I don't believe it's by chance. I of course, come to this site to get my train fix but the other part of me comes to this site because it's filled with positive energy that in this crazy world is not always easy to find. 

 The love and genuine care and concern that is shown in this hobby and on this site is unparalleled. I believe the creator finds different ways to connect us and this hobby and site is undeniably one of those places. 

I never had the opportunity to meet Marty but through this thread I was connected to him, we all were connected even if we never met him. Dotti, you were in the trenches and through you Marty was able to hear and feel the love from all who knew him and those of us who didn't. It's not a mystery or coincidence that 14 years ago you were put in his life. The great one makes no mistakes and I'm 100% sure that his life was better because in those last years he had you. Thanks for sharing him with all of us because as I have read through this entire thread it's clear that he has left a void that will and can never be replaced.

Marty, thanks for touching all the people you have, and now brother it's time to get your reward from the one we all hope to one day meet.

With Love,


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