Marty, my brother-in-law is going through the same exact situation as you. Like you, he has a great attitude is determined to beat this disease. 

As we both know it is harder to come back from each surgery. I'm still recovering from my Lumbar Fusion Surgery that I had last July. We just have to take it easy and let our bodies heal.

I'll miss you at York this April but am looking forward to seeing you again at York in October.

Be well my friend and know that everyone is pulling for you to have a rapid and full recovery!

Steve Tapper


Best wishes and lots of prayer for you Marty, we've never met, but you've helped me with a problem at 11:30 PM and the info you provided me fixed my problem.  Thanks, I've seen you at York, and was trying to get your attention, I turned around and you were gone.  I saw you last at the NJHR open house this year but you were deep into the corner at a dining table so I passed up the opportunity but nonetheless, I don't have to see you or meet you to talk to God about you, and we will meet at York or NJHR soon.  Get Well Very Soon - MARSHELANGELO


TCA 15-71035





Marty, prayers and best wishes for a full, strong and complete recovery my friend from Lynley and I. 

Lynley has told Dotty that you’re both more than welcome to come visit us in sunny San Diego to recover, recharge and relax!

That's not an insult, that is just a fact of life!


President, Chief Executive Officer

Penn American Railroad

"Serving the Basement"


Northern Central High Railers (Western Division)


Eat, Sleep, Run Trains, Repeat !


You are so correct.   I had the anesthesia for the bladder on Monday and emergency called for it on Wednesday of the same week for the blood clot.  Two hits of it for the blood clot.   This has left me in not so good a place.   I appreciate all the great folks that have posted on this.


Thank you,










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Never met you Marty and certainly hope to do so one day.   I've certainly enjoyed your many helpful posts since I joined this forum!  I'm wishing you a speedy recovery back to wellness and good health!

Cheers and Happy Railroading,

Patrick W  

CEO - The Free State Junction Railway 

" Where the music is sweet and the trains always run on time"

Home Office - Patsburg, Maryland 

Marty Fitzhenry posted:


You are so correct.   I had the anesthesia for the bladder on Monday and emergency called for it on Wednesday of the same week for the blood clot.  Two hits of it for the blood clot.   This has left me in not so good a place.   I appreciate all the great folks that have posted on this.


Thank you,




It just takes time brother... I've been there & I know first hand. After my last back surgery it was a week before I could type my bank password!!!!  

One foot in front of the other and you'll be back solving problems for the board before you know it ..

good thoughts & 🙏🏻



Live the Dream,

Own the Best!


Marty and I are both preparing for the next football season and then we battle then. But for now my friend, recuperate back to 100%. I will be awaiting those harassing texts when the Jets lose as usual to your Patriots! Lol!

While I was too ill to attend last October's York(1st time in 26 years), my buddy, Marty, is missing his 1st York in way more years than mine being in the same condition I was then. It hurt missing York for the social aspect but I was too weak and ill to even think about walking those halls. First it was skin cancer on the nose in July, then it was shingles coupled with the worst headaches I ever had and was believed to be a brain aneurysm in October and was cleared of that in December showing it was a brain blood vessel mimicing an aneurysm. Not a good 2018 for me.

Get better buddy, the season is coming up!  I'm getting my new Jets helmet on.


Ted Bertiger, President

Ocean County Society of Model Railroaders Lakewood, N.J.



You are in our prayers and in the prayer chain at my church. Get better soon. You are the best. I know that Dotty will take great care of you and will always be there for you.  I hope you get well soon. We just lost one and we cannot afford to loose you too.  God Bless and take it easy. 




Just read this prayer and want to pass it on to you:

May God heal you, body and soul. May your pain cease, may your strength increase, may your fears be released, May blessings, love, and joy surround you and yours! 

Stay strong!

Dorcie & Roger Farkash and all the TW TrainWorx Traingineers know you can depend on many folks here on the forum if you need anything....  You are a great friend and we remember you each day in our prayers and good thoughts.  Jim, Allan, Ed, and I are looking forward to your recovery and thank you for being a great asset to the hobby and this forum in particular....


Alan Arnold
O Gauge Railroading magazine
800-980-OGRR (6477)

Marty, sorry to hear about your health challenges. Keep up your positive attitude and focus on resting up. It is amazing how much surgery and anesthesia can take out of you - I have experienced that on several occasions over the past few years.

Hope to see you at October York.

Eileen and I are praying for your recovery.

Best to you and Dotty.




Genesee Valley & Lake Ontario RR

. . .in the beautiful Bristol Hills area of the NY Finger Lakes region . . .


I've been thinking of you and praying for your full recovery.  You've been a great help to me in the past and I look forward to leaning on you more as the years roll by.  It has been speculated that being around electro-magnetic fields is beneficial, you see people wearing those magnetite bracelets to achieve the same benefits.  You just need to sit in the middle of your layout and run lots trains, phooey on the other stuff!

May The Great Physician guide the hearts, minds and hands of those who minister to you and may His immeasurable healing powers restore you.  Your knowledge, insight and humor are missed.

Buck up, the best is yet to come!


GENERAL NOTICE - Safety is of the first importance in the discharge of duty.  Obedience to the rules is essential to safety.  To enter or remain in the service is an assurance of willingness to obey the rules.

I spoke with him a few days ago, he's as tough as they come. He's very positive and i know he'll beat this and be with us at York . 








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