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We are deeply touched and amazed at the outpouring of prayers, good wishes and offers to help from our fellow forum members. I read every post to Marty, and we both appreciate you all...more than we can say. Treatment is ongoing, of course, and there's little change at this stage, other than he's lost some weight and is still tired all the time. His next chemo treatment is July 5, and radiation is still 5 days a week. I will continue to follow this thread and keep you all in the loop.  Thank you all.

Dotty, Thank you for the update. Like most of us here, Marty is in my thoughts everyday. All I can say is that i'm hoping for the best.

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Marty and Dotti

You are both in my prayers.  Well wishes to you my friend.  As you can see you are not alone.  The testimonials of those posting here speak volumes.  Dotti take care of yourself through all of this as well.  



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Thanks Dotty for the update. Just a little hint when I was going threw Chemo and Radiation I lost 45 Lbs, the doctor suggest ensure drinks with coconut oil in them to help retain and gain weight back. It worked but is slow. You and Marty are in my family's prayers and I know you have been offered this already, but if you need someone to bounce questions off of feel free to ask away!

May God bless both of you and your family.


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Thank you for the update.  You speak of being touched by our response to Marty's illness, however, this is no one way street.  You are touched because Marty has touched so many lives, here at the Forum and elsewhere, in so many ways.  His comments, advice and humor are sorely missed and we want him back!

God is the ultimate physician and we are always in His care.  Prayers continue for you both.

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Marty and Dotty,

I haven't been on the forum lately, between work and coaching baseball I barely have time to check emails. I am so sorry to hear that you are going through this. I'm sure the prayers of all of the wonderful people on this forum and in the model railroading community will be heard, you will turn this around one battle at a time, and win the war. We will continue to pray for both of you and look forward to seeing you at York in October.



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Modern medical practice has much to offer, and hopefully will prevail for Marty! I have been alive for the past 14 years because of hemodialysis, and also multiple heart stent placements. At 76, I am very thankful for my excellent health care and state of the art medicine! Best of luck to Marty!

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This evening I had the good fortune of speaking with Marty.  He said he is halfway thru his chemo and radiation.  He said thanks for all the prayers and well wishes.

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(this is my personal opinion - he sounded better than last week  We even talked about trains for a few minutes.  Please keep in mind that Dottie is the final word on how Marty is doing)

Dotty & Marty

My thoughts and prayers are with you both as you both fight your own medical battles. It's not easy and everyone either knows someone has gone through this or is going through healthcare issues themselves. Your positive attitude is key to winning this battle.

We're all looking forward to seeing you both at York again. This outpouring of love and concern shows how much Marty has meant to this hobby. So best wishes for a complete and speedy recovery!

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Update on Marty: We saw the radiology oncologist yesterday . Marty completed the 25 radiation treatments to his leg tumor, but the doctors weren’t happy with the results. Fortunately, the additional  super- blast 8 additional radiation treatments he just finished worked. The tumor has shrunk, no surgery needed and the next appointment with radiation oncology is in 3 months. Marty has an MRI on his leg and CT on chest scheduled for  August 21, to compare with the original scans. He's got 1 more chemo on August 26. We will know by then if the chemo is knocking down the secondary lung tumors. This coming Monday he's got to go back to vascular surgery. The tumor had caused artery and vein constrictions which caused blood clots, which in turn led to the discovery of the tumor in the first place. They're going to do a vein map on his right leg in case they have to do a vein replacement after all the treatments are done. There is still decreased blood flow to the leg even though the tumor has shrunk. It could resolve by itself, but they’re preparing in case surgical intervention is necessary. He’s in good spirits and sends all fellow Forum members a big thank you for all your concern, prayers and support. As do I. All together- GREAT news.

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It's great to hear that there is some positive news Dotty, please extend my warmest wishes for continued recovery to Marty.  I really hope he's soon able to get back to the trains and have some fun to take his mind off all of this.  If there's ever anything I could do for you guys, you just have to ask.

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