Thank you for the encouraging news!  Your strength and support are high among God's greatest gifts to Marty.

I hope you will be sure to take good care of yourself!  Yours is an incredibly taxing job, physically and spiritually.  Please find a way to get sufficient rest AND have at least a little fun.  God commands that we rest and that we do so on a regular basis, not just when we remember to do it or when we think we can get away with it.  This from a reformed workaholic...


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Praise be to God! This is outstanding news! Thanks so much Dotty for your update. You just made my day.


All the best to you on your journey to complete recovery. Great to hear about your progress and that you are in good spirits. All of your friends and colleagues continue to pray for you and we hope to see Dotty and you at York. 




Dotty, thanks for the update;  I am very glad to hear that the doctor's visit gave news that enables us to have some optimism...   Sheila and I will keep both of you in mind over the next few weeks...  Let's hope things proceed on good path...  

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Dotty, thank you for the update on Marty. You are both in my daily prayers, and I believe in my heart that Marty will pull through this and all will be well by him.

My God Bless You Both And May Marty Recover From This Sickness.

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That is great news! Thank you for the update and our prayers and thoughts still go out to you both! I know its a long road, but there is light at the end of the tunnel! God bless you both!


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Semper Fi !

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Hi Dottie 

Thanks for the update , I’m glad he’s doing better and going in the right direction. I always text him to keep in touch, he’s also in my prayers everyday. 








Marty is a tough old bird, so I have high hopes he'll be back at the trains soon.  You can't keep a good man down, and he's certainly one of the good guys!

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