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It started when I tried to run my PS2 loco and PS3 loco on the same loop with the WiFi module & app.  the PS2 loco behaved perfectly, but the PS3 started up on its own.  It didn't move or anything but the sound came on automatically.  I've pressed the read key on both the remote and the app and it can locate the PS2 but not the PS3.  I tried using the DCS remote for both, again PS2 works fine PS3 displays "Engine Not On Track" message.  Now, with WiFi module disconnected and only PS3 loco on track, the system cannot find the loco and it will not start up or move. 

PS2 loco is CSX AC6000 # 5013

PS3 loco is NS SD70ACe # 1030

Any assistance is very much appreciated!

Happy Easter!!!

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