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@ChiBoyinLA posted:

It’s legitimately nuts to me that Lionel could go for more than a year not having a device available to control the engines that it sells.

I'm sure they didn't plan it that way.

In this day and age of myriad supply chain issues; staffing issues; pandemic issues; 100 boat cargo ship back-ups and baby formula shortages, I have to give them a pass on this one.

Someone who assisted with a portion of this project's development told me back at April's York that he thinks they'll be ahead of schedule. He was thinking more of an August to October release. That said, the supply chain issues have only gotten worse and, I don't know how recent the assistance he provided had been, but he made it seem within the last 2 weeks. Now, in retrospect and away from York- the assistance he provided was something I'd assume would've been done already.....

I am not optimistic that we will see them this year. Talk to anyone dealing with the supply chain and it hasn't gotten all that much better. It isn't the shipping as much any more, it is that China with the current variants went to lockdown mode, and it really, really hurt production that was already behind from what I am hearing. And Lionel (and prob MTH), being small fry, are likely at the back of the line for stuff, the factories that make it have their own supply chain problems;

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