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The model railroad club on the other side of Phoenix said the same thing. They even told me the would store my stuff when I became homeless for the second time. I found out why they said yes so easily. I made the 1,600 mile trip to get my stuff from IL (I had to fly back home to have a roof over my head.) and when I got there. I found my stuff spread all over the place and a 1/3 of my stuff gone. I even found my stuff in the trash can by it. My O gauge trains weren't anywhere to be found either and not one member knew where they were. Sid was supposed to sell my trains at their supposedly HUGE show they have. But he told me he couldn't sell a thing. I even had some cars listed at $5. That is when I knew he was a lier. I finally got a member to contact him, to find out where my stuff was. Since he was still refusing to answer my calls or texts. He did a drive by while I was at my club and dropped off my tote. And was gone before I got back over there. Everything was there except for my TIU and some stupid cardboard railroad crossing sign was in it's place. I guess he figured my $250 TIU ($100 of value at the time) was worth the swap of a maybe $10 crappie looking sign that I have no use for. And all this happened just a year after another train club in Highland, IL started to discriminate against me for being transgender. So now that was 2 clubs that ruined the hobby for me. I haven't been in a club for 4 years, probably. And I didn't even touch my trains for probably just as long. Not until a month ago when my uncle started liking O gauge and had to pull out my ps2 SD70MAC to show him the error of his ways (he was trying to by crappie post war Lionel). Once he seen how much better a digital engine was. He was hooked. He spend over $2,000 in a week on locos, the control system parts, & track.

Jonathan, if yours was a book. Mine was a novel. Hehe.

I can say this truly about the P&P - we just love to run trains and make our layout better.  TBH I haven't been there since COVID started, but I maintain my membership because I get to run my trains, talk about trains, and share the hobby with like-minded people no questions asked.  If you need some run time send me an email which is in my profile.  I plan on scheduling a run day sometime within the next 60 days there. 

I spend more time working in the industry than I do enjoying my personal hobby and I need to finally get my recently acquired various cars for my Santa Fe #7 Fast Mail on the layout.  I think I am up to 23 cars at this point but they really are all just in a pile in the corner of my home office so I've lost count.

Alas, I went back to IL, one hour north of St. Louis.I only spent $2,000 to get my items from there, just to find the main items I went after to be stolen.

I do plan on going back some day to finish college at MMI. I bought a 1/3 water damaged RV (Keystone 23KRS) but my beast (89' F-Superduty) has a bad rear-end. I was originally buying a 30' single wide but when the car blew up on my way to college. I couldn't get the 90 miles to college from the trailer. That is when I became homeless the first time.

I would love to find an acre down there to put my RV on to finish school. But I have had to many slumlords, including in Phoenix. Never a decent landlord yet.

The guy in Phoenix was the worst yet but not by far. So I need a piece I can buy. Preferably on Contract for Deed without a down payment. I need an acre minimum because I was raised in the country and I don't want to hear other people fighting.

I am currently gathering supplies to build a modular layout in O scale. My RCS 4-way switch just arrived at my sister's (MO has no tax from eBay, IL is 8%). It will be a 3 main with 4 track yard. But my turntable deal fell through last month. So I still need one of them.

I had one bought on eBay but the idiot was pulling all kinds of things and I lost the $150 diamond scale turntable. I don't need it indexed but it would be nice. I just want a pit style that is big enough for a full scale GS-4. I will never have the money for a Big Boy. But someone else running my layout might.

I have an awesome deal worked out on a roundhouse. I have to make them but he is willing to sell me his molds. Then I will be selling them at the shows also.

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