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@necrails posted:

I used to use picking up the magazine as a good excuse to visit the LHS.  Usually picked up a magazine plus something else.  Had to bite the bullet and get a digital subscription,  it just isnt the same.  I'll say it first to myself, ok boomer.

I also enjoy driving to the hobby store to buy my issue .... an excuse to visit with those people and find something else to buy. (Mostly a HO/N store)

I have two digital newspaper subscriptions, but still enjoy an actual magazine in my hands in an easy chair with a beverage,

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@RickO posted:

Only if the "hobbyshop regulars that never buy anything" move out of the way of the magazine rack. So a paying customer can grab a copy.

Rick, how does this apply to this thread?

Apparently from your perspective, it appears that magazine sales are being hindered primarily by people visiting stores who have nothing better to do than stand in front the rack that holds them.  I take it you believe that the decline and fall of LHS's is due exclusively to "people who never buy anything" but enjoy visiting and clogging up the store, keeping real customers from browsing and buying, and taking valuable time away from the operators.

I think not.  Overwhelmingly it's due to people who don't even come.  Too easy to surf online and let the merchandise come to you, even if the associated shipping and handling cost eats you for lunch.

Can we move this instead to a thread that bemoans LHS closings?  There's enough moaning hear already on the retirement of paper.


Apparently from your perspective, it appears that magazine sales are being hindered primarily by people visiting stores who have nothing better to do than stand in front the rack that holds them.

A bit tongue in cheek/ sarcasm, (note the) but based on personal experience

Of course,  as Rich eluded to. Technology is hindering magazine sales. No unlike DVDs Cassette tapes, corded phones, etc


Anywhoo. John H already gave the O.P. the best answer. Simply subscribe to the paper magazine. I received my Dec/Jan issue in plenty of time. 2 weeks ago.

No need to be so defensive Mike, no malicious intent here.

My train store carries OGR, there's another one that I go to once in a blue moon that also carries it(though they market more HO & N), plus there is only one store in town(technically the town over from me) that does indeed carry OGR Magazine. This store has always carried a wide variety of magazine titles that you may not expect anyone to carry. They do carry other train oriented magazines which some I have picked up over the years. The train variety is naturally what you would expect, all sorts of scale publications, real trains including special runs on historical ones, layout designs, and some others that I've never seen at any place that has carried any train magazines.

This store is not your standard store. The original owners had a good number of years serving up folks with coffee, some rolls/bagels, refrigerated good like milk, soda, ice cream including selling it by the scoop. There are a number of other things there, but I'm sure any town has a place like this(or maybe a few that cover all they do).

This store was the place I had picked up my first issues of OGR Magazine before becoming a subscriber. I do pop in there from time to time a few times a month as it is convenient for me to do so when I am out and about. I happen to pick up a recent publication on some real trains that I haven't gotten my eyes into just like the new issue of OGR.

Just picked up my copy of the DEC21/JAN22 issue at the Strasburg Train Stop (next to the Choo Choo Barn).

Nicholas Smith is my LHS but has not carried OGR for a few years now, or they order a low quantity and sell out quickly.

Hennings Trains carries OGR in store as of last Christmas; I haven't been there since last holiday season.

@mowingman posted:

While I get both print and digital, I much prefer the paper issue. I consider the digital OGR a backup, in case the PO makes off with my printed copy. I doubt I would subscribe if I could not have the printed copy in my hands.

FYI: The latest issue of OGR arrived today. Yippee!!!


Same here.  It’s sort of like the Sears or JCPenney Christmas catalogs.  There’s something about flipping through the colorful, glossy pages.  Since those catalogs have vanished, I haven’t shopped at either of them, and one barely exists anymore.

@WRGMILW posted:

I knew the Digital issue was out ,  But I like the Printed issue .   

Is the Digital version in Pdf Format ?

How would I retrieve it/ get it if  I paid for the digital version ?


Bill in Wawautosa

At the completion of your Digital Subscription purchase, you’ll get a link to your own private reading room in the OGR Digital Library. Literally every issue that OGR has published - more than 300 of them dating from 1969 - are all available there.

It is in the PDF format which you can read online or download for offline reading.

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