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Long story but I have several LionChief boards and I would like to find out which locomotives they were made for and which remote controller they work with.  To do this, I need to identify the exploded parts view of the model this board was made for and there does not appear to be a way to do this reverse lookup.  Ideas welcome!

I bought these boards to convert Williams locomotives to LionChief and here is the thread describing the root problem I am trying to resolve: Conversion of Williams to a LionChief- thoughts on random sound issues? | O Gauge Railroading On Line Forum (

Here is the board in question


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Thanks for the suggestions.

I do the same thing, but it didn't turn up a specific model for this board.

This is the issue- tying the boards to the remote through a specific model. 

I'm thinking the best way to ensure getting the right data might be using a universal remote set to "hotspot" mode (hold the 3 buttons and turn on) and a phone or tablet with the app. This way, the app may display the exact model and roadname data from lionel's API database for that engine.

I tried the universal remote again, both individually and in hot spot mode.  It loses the locomotive if about 10 feet away.  The Santa FE LionChief remote below (which I bought thinking it was the correct one for the board) maintains contact around my layout but produces the random sounds problem referenced in my previous thread above. 

I would love to sell these boards and start over again, but I have no idea what model they were built to be used in.  I can find no model exploded view they are referenced in!



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@hokie71 posted:

I would love to sell these boards and start over again, but I have no idea what model they were built to be used in.  I can find no model exploded view they are referenced in!

Santa Fe RS-3 LionChief #8803 - 6-38244

or the set it was sold in

Well, this may explain the mismatch.

This board hardware

according to a search, is with this set and matching remote

That said, again, I would use the universal remote in hotspot mode, with a phone or tablet connected to internet service running he Lionchief app- in hope that when it connects to the board, we could nail down the road name and cab number and engine type the app reports- all in hope of finding the EXACT product number and matching remote.
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Again, let me just state what it is and how we got here:

You could buy relatively cheap earlier Lionchief RF only control boards from Lionel parts. We knew the pinouts and usage of them, but given the parts listings, we just used universal remote when possible, because it is unclear what exact engine it might be from- due to the way Lionel parts searches and listings work (the request for reverse lookup). That said, universal remote is not as perfect and universal as we might like, and there might be limited range and other disconnecting problems. Ideally the original factory Lionchief RF remote would be the best match for maximum compatibility and range.

Short of Lionel answering the question, which some days, I'm not even sure they know or have that info handy, let alone give it out- we do have an option- and that is use the universal remote in hotspot mode to adapt the Lionchief RF only protocol board to Bluetooth- so it can be used with the Lionchief Bluetooth phone/tablet app. By doing so, the currently unknown RF ID of the board is detected by the Bluetooth app via the universal remote hotspot signal bridging conversion- and the app reaches out to Lionel's database API of the Lionchief app, and pulls the road name, cab number, and engine type and displays that in the app. We then use those 3 pieces of information and google to find the Lionel engine or set and thus product ID it came from- and then using Lionel parts with now the product ID, we can hopefully find the correct matching OEM RF remote that would have a perfect match to that specific Lionchief RF board.

I went through and tried to find an engine I had put one of these boards into.

So based on that info- we are talking about the same board.

The remote based on that ID would be cs-6308244900-p LIONCHIEF REMOTE / FOR 6-38244 SANTA FE RS-3

Again this came from Santa Fe RS-3 LionChief Remote Control Scout Freight Set SKU: 6-30207

This is the parts and support site specific to that set


I did find that either using the universal remote or using hotspot mode- commands were slightly delayed and/or it might take a few presses sometimes for the engine to respond. It appears to be communications issues specific to that board when not using the original OEM remote.

Further, a local friend who sells and buys tons of Linchief, went recently through a battle with Lionel parts trying to get the right remote for a given engine. Lionel sent several "wrong" boards, it ended up sending the engine to Lionel for them to match a remote to it. I'm not saying this to knock Lionel- just explain that I have seen how even just ordering parts- it can be a challenge to get the right part.

Again, yes, I'll acknowledge, something specific about that board seems to be it really wants the original matching remote. I did not get odd sounds but my layout is only 10x14.


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@Vernon Barry, thanks for all the research on this issue.  You have made a remarkable find on where that board is used and thanks very much for that.

I have not had much luck relative to range with the universal remote and I put new batteries in it to be sure that was not the issue.  I am stuck for a few days but I plan to try a different lionchief board to see if that might be the issue.  Your results are better than mine!  Thanks again and I will report back on the board change.

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