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I have a first edition Mickey Mouse/Disney LionChief RTR set.  Is there a way to control the sound level on this set?  I would be happy to RTFM but I can't find one, anywhere.  Lionel's support site only has manuals for the newer Bluetooth version of the set.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Providing a model number may help with a more definitive answer.  I can tell you that I also have a pre-Bluetooth Lion Chief locomotive and according to its manual there is no control for the volume, only the on/off switch.

Sound switch

On later models with Bluetooth, it is possible to control the volume either from the remote or the app.

The only ways I'm aware to lower the volume on the early models is either by adding restive circuitry between the sound board and speaker or by some physical means of muffling the sound coming from the speaker.


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Thanks, everyone, sadly, SteveH and I are stuck together on this with LionChief 1.0; no sound level adjustment possible.  The tape sounds like a good option for me.  I might end up using gaffers tape if my 10 grandkids keep running Mickey in our family room...or, maybe, Mickey will go back on the layout and a more quiet alternative will grace the space under the tree.  :-)



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@FrankfordJunction  Ron L,

I'm glad you started this topic.  I've been meaning to work on mine to make it sound better, but haven't made it a priority, until today when I placed a parts order.

I've been leaving the sound switched off, because I don't like the slightly distorted (overdriven) sound it has or its loud volume.  But I would like to have it make the sounds it supposed to have if they were tamed a bit.

So, I just ordered a 1K ohm logarithmic taper potentiometer (variable resistor) that I plan to wire into the speaker circuit on mine. I'm planning to have the adjustment shaft end accessible from underneath, just flush with the bottom of the frame so you don't see it.

By limiting the output current from the audio amplifier, it may sound better.  It will definitely be quieter and I will finally be able to adjust the volume and hopefully enjoy the locomotive's "operational" sounds.

SteveH, Sounds great.  If possible, can you please provide component details and some photos of your install?  That would help me and pretty sure it would be useful for others who jumped in on V1.0.

I'm having knee replacement surgery in January, so will be laid up for a while, except for in-house rehab.  I might get a chance to work on something like this.


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