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I finally have the original Lionel Acela TMCC set perfectly aligned on the track so that all features operate correctly.  With that said, I am hearing a metal squeaking sound from the wheels of a few of the cars that I assume means that I need to lubricate.  However, I don't really want to screw up the I/R connections between the cars.  Is there any video that someone has or knows of (I unsuccessfully tried a Google search) that possibly shows how to lubricate the wheels of the Acela without removing it from the track?  I assume I'd need some sort of needle-nosed applicator, and, if so, any suggestion on the lubrication liquid that I should use?  Thanks for the help!   


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Thanks to you both for you honest and timely replies.

Rattler21, I had thought of your suggestion before, but I don't currently have enough hands to be able to safely/evenly roll the entirety of the train, which is 2 engines and 5 cars, over on its side.  (I dropped one car from the set because I just couldn't get the I/R on that one car to work properly within the set.)  I was hopeful that some ingenious person had figured out a lubrication technique that did not require "upsetting" the tedious I/R connections.

There’s a certain finesse to getting the IR connectors to snap together properly.  Once you get it in muscle memory from doing it a bunch of times you shouldn’t still have problems.  I for one ran into issues at first as everyone does, but at this point I can connect and disconnect the whole 8-car set all the time with rarely an issue.

That said, I would agree with others that you probably would be best served removing the cars to lubricate rather than trying to do it on the track.  Although if you’re committed, I could see how you might access the journals with a needle applicator.

Thinking outside the box, build yourself an "inspection pit". Probably would take a layout modification, but if you could get yourself a length of track with no table under it and the ties removed, you could roll the train along over the gap and use some sort of bent needle applicator to get at the journals from underneath.

I guess you'd need to weigh out the time and ability to build a 10' long siding with one purpose, or putting the train back together afterward.

so the way I solved this is that I made a lift off bracket.

The bracket is a 1x3  x (as long as your consist.)  I added transverse dowels spaced along the length of the 1x3 between where the Acella wheels are located. Added a foam cushion to the 1x3 side between the dowels. Finally added two drawer handles on the opposite side of the1x3.

Inserting the bracket dowels into the consist under each car; lift up and tilt back.

I have one of these brackets ( shorter)  for my ABA E8s, too.

Woody... maybe I just have to trust that I can disconnect the IR connectors and re-connect them as my best option.  Thanks for your response!

Boilermaker1... I really appreciate your idea, but unfortunately my current layout is track on the floor of my basement.  However, if I ever get the time and money to build a "proper" layout, I really like your idea as it would be the perfect solution for this particular situation. Thanks again!

AlanRail... thanks for the feedback.  Not sure that your suggestion will work for me because my layout is on the basement floor, unless I was willing to transfer the consist to the bracket and then lift the bracket to table height and then reverse the process once lubrication was complete.

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