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Stan 2004

It’s been a couple of years since you helped me create this trolley system which has three automatic stops  IMG_6953You will remember that I was using a a 1032 as a trolley only source for everything trolley related while two mainlines and the remaining accessories are powered by a ZW.

NOW Im adding another mainline. Can I do the following (with the two transformers in phase).

1.  Use the 1032 B-C combination to feed the AC/DC conversion, the 153IRs, and (the timer module?) as the diagram shows;

2. Power the trolley from the b or c posts on the ZW  

3. Power my third mainline from the A - U posts on the 1032?

I want to do this so I have a whistle control on the third line  

4. If so, should the A - U combination somehow be tied to the Common ground used by the remainder of the lay out  I already have it wired as diagrammed

Don Baird

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