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   OH no don't think about possibilities, or bother learning, building,   developing new smills... just plug in and assimilate!  

   jeeze...complicted?   Ill timed maybe, but witb no mention of command... a rectifier is a sound option for many folk.  IMO You perform a disservice without a technical explaination beyond "shut up" to back your opinion

Cutting out the middleman would be bypassing a manufacturer and shopkeep both by making one BTW  One  dpdt switch and one bridge rectifier isnt very complicated

  Twice the available wattage on the majority of "our ac transformers" too., room to fit a BR inside on the big ones, etc. 

After all, we don't really know if the OP is on a 4x8 or 40x8, where the extra amperage could have real impact (not actually checked.. the MRC might be a monster?...not even the point ... the option offered was a viable alternative)

  Of couse   I wouldn't bother unless I already had an extra 3r ac throttle...

Especially since the MRC is on the way ....and for a song's all redundant more or less.

   But I'd have to think about the $10 in just parts instead of paying for those parts in a different package. Mostly because I have añ open throttle kicking around on most of my layouts anyhow.

brr posted:

I decided to try my luck at On30. Going to try and incorporate it into my current O-gauge layout. 

Found a MRC tech 4 260 transformer. Would this be a good choice for Bachmann locomotives? 

Your Tech 4 is fine.  MRC's are practically bulletproof.  I'm still using a 50+ year old AMPack to power my turntable.

Bachmann On30 is HO on steroids.  In reality, virtually any HO powerpack will do.


I had considered a rectifier, but for the price of the MRC transformer, thought I'd give it a shot.

Hooked it up to a test track and it works great with my Bachmann 4-6-0. I've been in 3-rail a long time. It's hard to get used to using the direction button! I keep lowering the voltage to 0 then raising it thinking I'm going to be in neutral...

Love the momentum and "feel" of the transformer.

I'm just doing an 8 foot shelf layout with the mainline dropping into my current layout, so don't need massive power.

My current On30 layout:



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   I had a little beast of modern Athern that impressed me greatly with throttle feel too. A far cry from 70s Tyco. It was a GP that had also trouble with the old littler power pacs, and a small modern Bachmann pac at just 4ft or so. A Lionel ho cheapy worked best except for stray sound commands that happened regularly, so a better Bachmann pac was had, but I sold the engine days later with only a few hours on it hoping to land an On30 that didn't ever really pan out. I settled on a 2 curve long track that splits into a pair of portals at a mine head; i. e. a wide push cart line for two ore cars. As is, static except for gravity but I often think often about extending it as an el. dump for a Porter and using a trolley stop reversing setup for automation. The problem is the regular price doubled on the Porters in no time & I'm too cheap to pay double in under ten years


This Area (OGR)  &  Model Railroader would be best for now.   The RAILROAD LINE FORUMS also have also have a On30 section , but lately it is also slow.  Sad because there were lots of great layouts over there !  

Maybe someone else can point us to a active place for On30  layouts .

I hope the link works 

Please Post Updates here when you have a chance ! 



Although Bachmann list prices for On30 rolling stock imported from China have increased considerably in recent years, Micro-Mark tends to be as low as anyone. Domestic producers of On30 freight and passenger cars include Banta Modelworks, Wiseman Model Services and especially Mount Blue Model Company. I recently purchased seven Mount Blue 18-foot wooden car kits that are fun to build and paint, and include styles not offered by Bachmann. If you are fairly new to On30 and someone offers you a Boulder Valley Models kit, be aware that these excellent resin models currently out-of-production.

Gil in Oregon

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