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Take a look at the number boards for this Lionel Alco PA 6-18961.

I thought there was a loose wire or a bad bulb.  But after looking at the light with the shell off, it looks like it supposed to blink.

Is that right???




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I'm going to disagree, not on the need but on the method.  This model appears to have an LCRU1 in it.  These were not resettable by a sequence of button pushes.  (Pushbutton reset began with LCRU2).


Here's an explanation from @PaperTRW:


I'd say that Ron's LCRU thinks that it's currently setup to be a "diesel with strobe light" instead of a "diesel with directional lighting".  Based on Todd's explanation of how LCRI1's are configured I'd say that here's a configuration wire that's either not connected (loose connection?), or is connected incorrectly.

See THIS OGR FORUM THREAD for the explanation above and additional details.



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They must be designed to blink.  That's two engines now that have the blinking marker lights, and it has to be designed into the board.  I think that it was a little trick feature that Lionel added back then.  I got sidetracked on my reply to Rich.  The Owners Manual didn't specify that the marker lights blinked.  However, I found it unusual that they did and looked in the manual how to turn them Off.



I took the shell off my Alco for a better look at the lights.  I wonder if a factory worker changed around the position of the two bulb assemblies.  The engine may be designed to have a Mars light, but usually there are two headlights in this case, with one fully on.  But there is only one headlight on the engine.  Maybe the marker lights were the ones meant to be non-flashing???


Ron045 -- I don't have a dog in this hunt, but I think you and GRJ are talking past one another.  Your picture three posts upthread looks to me to be the same board as what GRJ shows as the lower board in his picture two posts upthread (his reference is to the two boards in his picture, not the top board inside the loco...).  From that, I would infer that what you have is the LCRU2 board (look at the size/shape of the chip on the LCRU2 - its square - vs the rectangular one on the LCRU).  Way further upthread, Mellow Hudson Mike suggests the LCRU2 is reset-able via a series of button pushes.  Beyond these observations, I know nothing about this, since I'm a Flyer guy, but I'm just trying to have you avoid the Cool Hand Luke effect...

- Rich

Marty previously posted this, here's another look in case you missed it.   This works for the LCRU2 boards with the white connectors.



It looks like both us Rons have the LCRU2 boards.  How do we program it to stop the blinking without being able to use the white wire method?


The previously posted parts list had yours with the original LCRU.  If it does have the LCRU2, see above.

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OK... Fixed it with programing.  The manual has no information about this, but I found these instructions on a forum sponsor TrainDoctor website.  I selected #6 Diesel Engine with cab light.  Everything works as it should.  I tried code 36 (Alco PA-1 (from 1997, Santa Fe NYC)) but that just makes the front light blink like a MARS light.

The TrainDoctor instructions explain how to do it using a Cab1 so I found this thread were MartyE explains how to do it with a Legacy remote.

Thank you to everyone who showed an interest in the problem and provided suggestions.  I do appreciate the conversation.


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