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As I understand TVS protection, it depends on where a voltage spike originates and where your train is positioned at the time. And given that the electric current is moving around (taking the shortest route to your engine), you can't be 100% sure of when your train is protected. That's why having the TVS inside the engine, just before the delicate electronics is the best place for them.

However, it's better to have them setup as you show them in your photos than not as this will protect your trains with some percentage of probability.

TVS installed in an MTH PS3 SW1500:


Takes a few seconds to do once the hood has been removed:


GRJ took me to task for not insulating the diode leads but I can't see how they could touch any metal. On of these days I'll get lazy and pop the hood and slip a couple pieces of shrink tubing on those leads.


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@MikeH posted:

I'd love to see a picture of this if anyone has done it.

I didn't take any pictures of it and, since it is working, I don't want to temp fate and open it up.  The locomotive is an MTH Railking steamer.  In this locomotive the ground and roller have screws to hold the leads to the electronics.  I trimmed the TVS leads to fit and curled them around the screws.  All insulated, GRJ, so that Murphy doesn't come to visit.

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