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Hello Everyone,

I see that the TTOS website is not opening. This is what I get when I enter:

So, I was wondering if the TTOS is changing its website, going through a reformation, or has it simply disbanded. Because I remember the answers from this thread. TTOS has had its problems from time to time, and it lost its Cal-Stewart meet in November of 2019.

Does anyone have any info on this? Your answers will be helpful.


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I have no answers on the national TTOS group, which runs the website.

It is my understanding that at the moment there are 2 separate TTOS groups, there is the National group, which has management/credibility issues and has essentially imploded on itself, and there is the TTOS Southwestern? group that is based in Southern California.  The Southwestern group's charter was a separate corporation? from the National group and when the National group started having management issues, they withdrew their support from that group.

As far as the TTOS group "losing" its Cal Stewart meet, that had nothing to do with any problems within the TTOS.  The Cal Stewart show was always put on by the Southwestern group, much like York is put on by the Eastern Division of TCA, rather than by National.  The decision to not hold the Cal Stewart meet was due to high costs/low attendance.  I was at the final Cal Stewart show, which was held in 2018? and the attendance was awful.  I have friends who were involved with the show and my understanding is that attendance had been falling for years and they moved venues several times in order to keep the costs low.  The show was always for club members only on Saturday and then to the public and club members on Sunday.  The public never showed up for the last show and they ended up losing money.  So the Southwestern group decided that they would no longer hold the 2-day Cal Stewart show.  It is my understanding that the Southwestern group still holds a 1-day show every month and they typically sell more tables than they did for the last Cal Stewart show.

If you had followed the Cal Stewart/NorCal shows, Cal Stewart being in November and NorCal being in March, you would recall that the NorCal show (put on by the local TCA group in the San Francisco area) stopped being a 2 day show at some point prior to the final Cal Stewart show.  It is my understanding that the reasons for NorCal going to a single day show were similar to the Cal Stewart show not being held any longer.

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