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I have begun collecting Standard Gauge Lionel and had a successful rebuild with a #8 a few months ago.  However, I have become stumped regarding a rebuild of a #10 with the same motor.

When I apply power, the motor will only run (regardless of direction) if you give the armature a half of turn or so.  I also notice that the a "rhythm" develops with and the lever to control the reversing unit flies up an down with the rhythm the armature is making as it runs at full speed.  I have made sure the connections are all solid and have replaced the brushes with new ones.  I am using brushes #622-121, they worked fine for my #8.

I have been stumped with this because its just not making sense to me.   Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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First thing to check is if you have an open segment on the armature....if you’re handy with a DVM, do a quick continuity test across the three to the other, and the other....they should all ring open segment won’t sing to another....sometimes you can get lucky and the break is right where the ears are soldered linked together.....other times, it broke in a very devious place...


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