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Hi All, I just received the SP Daylight GS4 today.

I was unable to get the locomotive to run tonight. It powers up. The tender makes sounds but unfortunately I can’t get it to connect via the legacy controller. I cleared the settings off the controller a few times and reconfigured everything. Once I enter the desired engine number and hit set there is no horn sound while I have the loco in program mode. I was able to get it to sound once. Then after switching to Run mode zip / nothing.
conventiobal bell and horn buttons work off my z4000 transformer.
I checked the track to make sure there wasn’t any debris or items creating interference with the signal.
Any suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated.
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Initial start-up may not involve the "set" button - look at the manual carefully. Try,

1. With engine off but on track and in "run" mode, apply 18v.

2. Pres ENG and then the #1.

3. Press start-up and it should be operational.

Then go through the process for assigning a new engine ID# which involves the "run/program" switch and the "set" button.

Then go to Info and assign name, road number, etc.

Ok since I wasn’t having any luck at home troubleshooting. I went to my local train store l. They performed a factory reset and tested everything which is now operational. Took it home and I am in the same place I was before. Powers up but no ability to control the loco..

The wiring on the layout is not an issue as the locomotive has  power and I am able to run other legacy engines. It must be the controller.
Any suggestions?

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