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Just received my brand new Lionel 2233151 Legacy diesel DD 35 1650. Right out of the box , I put it on the track and the front truck / front axel / front left wheel would jump off track over my Ross Switches. It would be fine on my outer loop with 72 curves, but even than it would it jump off on my straight thru Ross double cross over, not every time. On my inter loop route with some 54 Ross switches it would derail often. After trying to figure out the problem for a few days, I saw the problem. If you will, the suspension on the very front axel is defective. If you would push down on top of front wheel it springs right back or up and down. But only on right front wheel. Push on left and no spring, stays down. So this caused it to derail. I put a shim under the defective side to test and no derailing. I thought and easy fix and just order front axel part but no parts listed yet on new engine. I didn’t want to send back to Lionel and wait two months even thou under warranty. I guess I’m going to have to. See following pic and video.

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Yes I’m calling Lionel and getting a ticket to send back. Should be easy fix, just replace front axel.  It’s brand new so it’s under warranty. I love the engine, it’s awesome. The part I don’t like is it probably will be weeks before I get it back. Rod, how do you know if no one else has not had any issues? I hope they have parts for it or it will be a long delay.

Hello. I just read this. My Lionel UP DD35 runs great. I have no problems. However, my layout has broad curves. Nothing less than 072. My turnouts are all ROSS. Either REG, #4, 072 or 088.

I am thinking your smaller radius switches are the culprit. The Lionel web site states minimum curve is 042. But those Big, 4 axle trucks do not have a lot play in them.

I hope Lionel can solve your problem. It is a shame when we have these issues with brand new locomotives.

Where did you purchase? They may be able to help, either with a replacement or getting the RA number from Lionel.


Hi Donald, thank you for your response. I do have have a long outer loupe with minimum 72 curves. It runs find on that, but there is a Ross double cross over on that route. On the switch  straight thru, once and a great while the front wheel right wheel jumps off when going over cross over. On my inter loop with minimum 54 Ross switches it jumps off often. No problem on regular 54 track curves, only on switches. The front axel is definitely defective. See video explaining problem. I talk to Lionel and they sent me a return shipping label for warranty repair. Also the rear coupler sits too low . It sits about half way down when coupled on all my rolling stock cars.😀

Hello Ron. Thanks for the explanation. I understand the issues. I now agree, the best bet is just to send it back. I just check out my rear coupler. No sag. It looks normal.

Good news, if there is any, I had to send back my Lionel Veranda last month. Electronic issues. Anyway, from me sending it back to me getting it back, it was two weeks. Problem fixed and fairly quick turn around. Hopefully the same for you.

Please keep us informed. Thanks.


Hi John, Lionel replaced both trucks. I got it back and same problem The front axel would jump off some Ross Switches and derail. Too much up and down movement on front axel. I took front axel off . There is a tiny spring on both ends of axel next to wheels. I try stretching spring to put more down  pressure on axel. That helped some but didn’t totally solve the problem. Then I ordered a package of the smallest springs on Amazon that I could find the would be stronger and put more down pressure.None were small enough diameter to fit in small barrel that Lionel’s springs fit in. The springs were probably only two millimeters in diameter. They are much too soft. I ended up cutting and making a small post if you will and inserted inside spring. Made just long enough to reduce up and down movement of axel but still leaving some spring movement. Put on track and bam! Runs perfectly over Ross Switches. Lionel said they couldn’t test because they don’t have Ross Switches.You probably could eliminate spring and replace a solid piece in there that would cut the up and down movement of front axel to a minimum. Ps I ended up doing the same to back truck, because that would derail sometimes backing up.

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