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...and the actual train wreck was his fault....


   I based the setting for this picture on an accident described in Helper's book The Southern Railway Remembered.  At the Alexandria station there was a long curve with a signal.  The curve was such that the engineer had to depend on the fireman to let him know if the signal was clear.  One morning a freight was rolling in and the engineer asked his fireman about the signal.  The fireman said, "I can't see the signal for that caboose is blocking my view."  The engineer threw the brakes into emergency but it was too late. His train plowed into the caboose and stood it on end.

  The figure of the fireman is a heavily modified Plasticville figure and the upset investigator is a sectioned and modified Bachman figure.


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Richizzle07: you have me a bit confused (easy to do) about what you mean by "number."  Do you mean the SKU?

Menard's does put individual car numbers on their rolling stock, but the car numbers are all fantasy, even if the paint scheme on the car replicates an actual paint scheme.  I checked Menard's web site for train stuff and discovered that unfortunately the Tide boxcars are no longer listed. The Tide tank cars and Tide Soap Factory are still listed. (Jim Sutter: the tank cars are the same orange.)

Menard's will often put up a car or a building for sale and when stock runs out, that's it.  The infamous example is the Menard's open auto haulers that sold out in 24 hours.  (I got lucky on that one.)

I have enjoyed seeing the comic photos in this thread. Thanks!

Rich, I am sorry to be so slow.   I have been busy and forgetful, both normal for me.  I finally had to put a sticky note on the counter so I would remember to go out to the trains.  Here is the SKU you wanted:

Menard's Tide Boxcar: 279-4558

Menard's Tide Tank Car: 279-6730

Thanks for the follow up Ed! It’s greatly appreciated!

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