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I work at an electrical supply store and if you want some good, quality lighting go with the cut in wafer lights. NDR is a reputable brand and the Razor series of wafer lights are absolutely top notch. You go ahead and get the electrical for the lighting ran as you normally would and then you cut a hole, with I think a 6 3/8 hole saw, wire the included junction box for the LED driver, connect it to your wafer light and then pop it in the drywall. They’re also color selectable so you can do soft white, cool white, etc.

No actual mounting junction box is needed as they have spring clips that hold the wafer lights themselves up to the drywall ceiling, and they include the LED Driver/junction box that will then screw to a joist or support beam.

Just thought I’d toss in my 2 cents

Well, it's time for another update. My train room interior is almost done. I have had workers over to install insulation, drywall, and to paint the walls. That phase will be finished this week, and then it's on to installation of the electrical, AC unit, and lighting. Once those things are finished (by sometime this week or next week), then I can start moving my train stuff from the current location in my bedroom to the new train room. Then of course I can start really working on the track plan.

Also, I have pictures of the progress, which I will attach in this post.

The hole above the ladder in photo 1 is where the AC unit will be installed.


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Quick update for my train room: The room is pretty much finished! All the lighting/electrical, and painting is done. It looks so good! The last thing to do is get the AC unit installed. That will happen either today or tomorrow. Then we just need to clean the floor (it's a bit messy), and my train shed will be 100% done and ready for me to start working on designing and building the new Sunrise Mountain and Western Railroad (SM&W RR) Version 2.0.

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I have good news today! Drumroll please!🥁 My train room shed is finally finshed! The AC unit just got installed this morning and it works (that's good). All the lighting works. And I installed my "The Train Room" metal sign out front. Now I can start working on plans for the layout. The interior dimensions of the room are 11' 4" X 15' 4". Everything looks great. Stay tuned and I will post more photos soon.

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