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IT's TEAM TRACK TUESDAY!!!  Share your team track photos here. Sorry for getting this thread started so late in the day.  Team tracks are a vital part of day to day real railroad operations. Practically every type of freight car can be off/on loaded on a team track.  Some passenger and MOW equipment can also be handled on a team track.  Join in the fun and share your railroad's team track operation photos here.  Everyone is welcome to participate from those with elaborately detailed museum quality layouts to those with a simple loop of tin plate track with an undesignated siding.  We've had some most imaginative posts from all of you over the last many weeks!   Photos of prototype  real railroad team track operations  are welcome too!  

As planting season is about to begin, this week on the Free State Junction Railway,  a boxcar load of seeds has arrived on team track one in Lower Patsburg.  Final destination for this cargo of sacks, barrels, and crates, is the local Farmer's Cooperative which does not have a rail siding ... so all of their shipments arriving by  rail are received on one of the 4 Patsburg  team tracks.  

This particular Great Northern  boxcar loading originated in Livingston, Montana and spent 3 days on the mainlines of several railroads before arriving at its destination here in Patsburg.  The FSJR local switch crew spotted the car this morning at 7:38 am EST.  

In actuality I weathered this Weaver boxcar this past Sunday afternoon for this specific edition of TTT.   I eventually plan to weather most of my fleet of freight cars.  You may see more weathered cars showing up in future TTT editions.  

Please feel free to post the latest action on your railroad's team tracks.  Thanks for stopping by and see ya next week on the TEAM TRACK!  Have terrifically fun and creative week!!IMG_5176IMG_5180IMG_5183IMG_5184IMG_5186IMG_5187IMG_5188IMG_5191IMG_5195IMG_5197IMG_5173IMG_5174IMG_5171IMG_5178


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Happy TTT everyone!

Around here, locals know the best place for a little entertainment is down at Everett’s South Side Team Track, but ongoing railway construction projects continue to block access to the area. So, this week, we turn our attention to Everett’s lesser known, and somewhat quirky, North Side Team Track.


Earlier today, Farmer Brown’s annual shipment of Peep chicks arrived safely. These birds are usually quite sluggish and easy to handle after a long rail journey. No one, not even Brown, expected the flock to so eagerly exit the car. Within seconds of opening the door, the birds had completely overwhelmed the team track platform.


Chuck, a night watchman over at the power plant, was unfazed by the invasion. He even took a break from his lunch to share his unique observation of the situation, “Looks like you got some birds there, eh Brown?”


Brown was too occupied by the feathery fiasco to take notice.


Having lived through Slugfest, Isaac Reynolds, General Manager of the CT&V, was not particularly affected by the day’s events.


Although it took some time, Brown was able to coax the birds into the back of his truck. In just a couple of weeks, these little chicks will have fully grown into deliciously plump marshmallow chicks!


Images (5)
  • ttt-chickens-01: North Side Team Track - Everett
  • ttt-chickens-04: Chuck - wise guy by day, watchman by night
  • ttt-chickens-03: Feathery Fiasco
  • ttt-chickens-02: Railway management looks on.
  • ttt-chickens-05: Loaded and ready.
trumptrain posted:


In actuality I weathered this Weaver boxcar this past Sunday afternoon for this specific edition of TTT.   I eventually plan to weather most of my fleet of freight cars.  You may see more weathered cars showing up in future TTT editions.  



Patrick, The weathered Great Northern boxcar car looks fantastic (as does your scene). 

Great photos everyone!!  

DanielB - looks great!!  Keep up your progress!

Brian - nothing says prototype like your real life team track photos!!

Kelly Anderson - those team track photos of Strassburg RR are terrific!!

Abrail and Little Abrail - Very nice photos and narrative!!  Thanks too for your  comments on the boxcar and scene!

RSJB18- nice photos of the car floats!!

Mark - Don't work too hard.  Looking forward to seeing what you have in store for next week!!

Thanks to everyone who stopped by the TEAM TRACK to take a gander!  See you next week on TTT!!!  Have a wonderfully fun and creative week!  



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