IT's TEAM TRACK TUESDAY 9/3/18 celebrating the second anniversary of this thread!!  Actually this thread began on August 5, 2016 ... so I'm a little late in celebrating, however, better late than never.  

It's hard to believe this little thread has been running every week for just over two years.  Thanks to all of you who participate on a regular basis and to those who participate at liberty. Also thanks to all those who stop by on TTT to take a gander.   It's quite challenging to come up with new team track scenes each week ( well almost each ....  because I've used some re-peats due to "life gets in the way" time constraints) but somehow the muse flows through us and out pops a new idea and hence a new scene.    There are many creative folks who've  posted here over the last two years.  Keep on coming back and creating new scenes, posting real railroad team track photos, and narrating photos with your team track stories.  

The purpose of this thread is to inspire one another and have fun creating new scenes ... be it weathering a freight car, auto or truck, building a loading dock, etc. or making the team track look well used and somewhat overgrown with trash and pallets strewn about.   Everyone is welcome to participate .... from those with museum quality layouts to those who have a simple loop of track with an undesignated spur track ( team track ).   Posting real railroad team track photos are welcome as too!  

This week I decided to dig back into the TTT archives and post, beginning with the first TTT photo I posted on August 5, 2016 and moving forward with the varied scenes of the TTT thread which I posted over the last two years.  Let's see your team track photos!   Have a fun and creative week and looking forward to another year of TEAM TRACK TUESDAY!IMG_0661IMG_0662IMG_1748IMG_1768IMG_1766IMG_1779IMG_1775IMG_1802IMG_1843IMG_1838IMG_1911IMG_1961IMG_1968IMG_1965IMG_2014IMG_2041IMG_2042IMG_2102IMG_2105IMG_2130IMG_2634IMG_2625IMG_2671IMG_2654IMG_2675IMG_2752IMG_2768IMG_2771IMG_2800IMG_2809IMG_2805IMG_2904IMG_4156IMG_4158IMG_4226IMG_4177IMG_4216IMG_4231IMG_4291IMG_4285IMG_5960IMG_6160IMG_6162IMG_6178IMG_6709IMG_6720IMG_6939IMG_6931IMG_6273IMG_6264IMG_6275IMG_6624IMG_6673IMG_5029IMG_5036IMG_5041IMG_5045IMG_5050IMG_5087


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   Oh Yeah! Team Track Celebration Edition!

Happy Anniversary, Patrick!   

Thanks for establishing this great space where creativity can run wild and free.

If not for TTT, my little town of Everett might have remained as nothing more than a sign along the side of the road. Instead, Everett's Team Track & Community Park (and its ridiculously unconventional operations) has become the busiest corner on my railroad!

Here are a few of my favorite contributions over the last year and a half.


The crowning of Miss Carrot 2017,



Everett's Slugfest, 


new meter maids,


capturing Quaker Man,


protesting the impossible plan of big power,

rr-ttt-2017-04-10-swim-3 celebrating community,


building an empire,


misunderstanding the term "Team" track,


art appreciation,


a few bad ideas,





out of control celebrations,


new police cars,


And, of course, Special Deliveries.




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Happy TTT!

Happy Anniversary and Thanks Patrick for starting this thread and keeping it going each week. Your scenes are always so creative and well planned. You have a very large collection of trucks, freight, people, etc to make your scenes come alive. 

I wish I had more time to do new scenes each week but life does interfere. I will say that this thread inspired the build of my Team Track area on my layout so thank you again.

All the other regulars and irregulars (I have been told I am a bit irregular ) thank you too for the great contributions each week.

A few of my favorites from the past couple of years.

2017-02-07 17.39.502017-02-26 22.23.222017-03-21 21.05.452017-03-28 20.52.322017-04-11 21.44.502017-04-17 19.43.202017-06-05 22.03.012017-07-11 20.45.032017-11-27 20.41.542017-11-27 20.58.502018-01-16 07.10.122017-05-01 20.26.432018-07-07 08.22.572018-01-02 14.28.542018-01-09 20.40.052018-01-09 20.45.212018-01-02 14.31.28




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How about some backyards, often not seen at first glance, but modeling-worthy, nonetheless, I suggest...IMG_9701IMG_9293IMG_1604IMG_2858



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Happy Birthday Triple "T"!

Great photos everyone. A lot of fantastic scenes have appeared hear over the last two years.

For my birthday post, this week its just after sunrise. The milk has been delivered and now the eggs. Breakfast anyone?



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DCA6CEF8-5E64-4521-815D-45FFD50ED213The live steam club I belong to inChula Vista California had their annual fall meet this last weekend. We run 1.5 inch scale.  Here is a shot of me pulling the cars down the hill from the trailer unloading


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Happy 2nd anniversary to TTT!!   Nice job, Patrick, getting it started week after week...and thanks to all who have posted! 

Here are a few of the pics that I've posted as a part-time contributor to the TTT thread over the past two years...













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coach joe posted:

Patrick, whatever did happen to that bison?

Coach Joe - Have you ever heard of bison burgers?  

Moonson posted:

How about some backyards, often not seen at first glance, but modeling-worthy, nonetheless, I suggest...IMG_9701IMG_9293IMG_1604IMG_2858


love the greenhouse!

What a great thread, happy two year Team-Track-Tuesday-Anniversary! 

Here's a couple pics I've done, it's been fun!





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Congrats on 2+ years Patrick!  I always admire your well thought out scenes.  Makes crappy Tuesdays more bearable!  Keep up the good work.  

trumptrain posted:
coach joe posted:

Patrick, whatever did happen to that bison?

Coach Joe - Have you ever heard of bison burgers?  

They don't have much fat in them!  You've got to be mighty quick on the grille with bison burgers.

Good stuff.

Lou N

Oil Tanker Team Track:


Tanker cars get filled with real oil from copper pipes that are connected to my oil burner. Just kidding, LOL


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WOW!!  Thanks for all the wonderful comments,tributes,  and photos celebrating TEAM TRACK TUESDAY's second anniversary!  There's a great abundance of creative talent coming together on this thread!  Whether you are a frequent contributor or an infrequent contributor, TTT would not have made the two year mark if it were not for all of you who contribute.  Thanks for bringing your creative talents to the team track each week and sharing those talents with everyone who visits this thread to take a gander.  

Briansilvermustang - that is the coolest numeral 2 I have ever seen!!  So unique with the siding which is of course is the team track ... plus the RR cross bucks too  Your posts of real railroad team track operations are always something to look forward to each week! 

Rich Murnane -  of Switcher Saturday fame!  Please know that your Switcher Saturday thread is the inspiration for TEAM TRACK TUESDAY!  I took Q's from you! Thanks for inspiring me!   Very nice team track photos too!  

Mark - I'll take my eggs sunny side up ( or Sunnyside up in PRR parlance ).  Great original and authentic scene!   I really love the red stake body truck ... its awesome!

Bill T - that baggage car has been set out on the team track so luggage and milk cans can be loaded.  That nice streamlined baggage car must be have been temporarily pressed into branchline service I presume.  

JGTRH62 - that's a lot of locomotive riding on that flatcar!

CNJ1601 - stunning scenes and masterful weathering work!! 

Coach Joe - Love those bison burgers!  They will go well with Mark Diffs eggs. LOL!  We shall all meet at Mark's team track for breakfast! 

Moonson - Frank -  Your scenes, as always, ignite the imagination.  This time I imagine being part of a switch crew who view those backyards as their locomotive slowly shoves freight cars  up an old spur line whose very end results in a team track.  

Greg - I'm thrilled that you look forward to TTT each week!  Thanks for sharing that! 

RSJB18 - Bob - It's gratifying to know that TTT thread inspired you to build the team track area on your layout!  Thanks for sharing that with us!  Great photos too! 

Thomas - ABBRAIL - It's also gratifying to know that TTT has inspired your Everett Team Track and Community Park!  I love that your imagination can go wild here on this thread! 

Fred - very nice team track close up!  Love the sheathed box car! 

Thanks to all who posted and to those who stopped by to take a gander of this weeks TTT!  See ya next week on the TEAM TRACK!!   Have a wonderfully fun and creative week! 

Arnold - nothing like a team track full of tankers!!  



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