It's TEAM TRACK TUESDAY!!!  Post your team track photos here!  

Team tracks are a vital part of day to day real railroad operations.  Most every kind of freight car can be on/off loaded on team tracks.  MOW equipment can be handled on a team track as can some passenger train head end equipment.  Such is the case today on the Free State Junction Railways Team Track Four in Lower Patsburg ....  a RPO car is being loaded with mail from USPS mail hauling contractors trucks.    A Western Maryland local passenger train originates in Patsburg.   In just over an hour,  a WM BL2 will arrive at the team track with a coach and combine.  The RPO car will be the third ( and final ) car in the consist.  The Western Maryland only ran 2 -3 car trains.... all locals.  I didn't need to do any weathering on this car for prototypically the WM kept all its passenger equipment sparkling.... which is kind of odd for a coal road with a fractional interest in passenger trains. 

Remember, we'd love to see what's happening on your railroads' team track ( s ).  All are welcome to participate.... from those with a simple loop of track with an undesignated siding to those with elaborately detailed museum quality layouts. Show us your team track action!  Photos of real railroad team track operations are also most welcome!

Thanks for stopping by the team track!  Have a wonderfully creative and fun week! IMG_6931IMG_6954IMG_6938IMG_6940IMG_6950IMG_6944IMG_6957IMG_6933IMG_6946IMG_6929


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Wow, Patrick there are sure a lot of letters...err a bills in that mail sack.  I love the mail Jeep BTW. 

This week...

As the semi is being directed back into position, the crew has arrived to unload some mysteriously tarped loads. Possibly machine parts? As the bosses gather around wondering how to unload them...



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TTT - Best train day of the week!

It's back to business-as-usual this afternoon down at the Everett Team Track and Community Park.  You'd never know one of the area's biggest festivals had been here over the weekend.


Everett's 18th annual Burn the Valley Festival drew in a record-breaking number of attendees.



As expected, Big Belly Bill's "Hades Hot Sauce" took Grand Champion for Hottest Hot Sauce.


The popularity of Big Bill's sauce made it difficult for Al over at Heavenly Jalapeños to attract customers. Being assigned the spot right next to the leaky porta pottys didn't make the task any easier. Al even asked his lovely daughter to stop by in an effort to lure in the crowds. It just wasn't enough to change his luck.

Miss Carrot 2017, Bertha Girth of Jaite, was spotted at the festival.


The Fire Brigade was on site all weekend but spent most of their time posting selfies on Instagram.



All in all, it was a great weekend in Everett!




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Great photos everyone!!

Mark - wonderful well composed scenes as always!  I wonder what the mystery cargo is??? 

Brian - your real RR team track photos are most worthy of modeling for sure!!  Very inspiring!!

Thomas -  You get the award for the most imaginative team track operation!

Thanks to everyone who stopped by to take a gander.  See ya next week on the TEAM TRACK!  Have a wonderfully creative week!! 

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