Its the "Public Delivery Track Update" (haha)

So...uh....trying to get caught up on orders.  I wish it was as simple as just pulling a train car off a shelf and putting it in a box.   With several thousand different items, not everything is on the top of the pile, and in front.   And changing trucks.  It can be a lot of work.  

Will be putting more MTH Premier up on the web in the next week, I hope...and then Lionel scale sized cars.  There seems to be the most interest in that right now.

Ordered some more of the Ex-Weaver Lionelscale cars from Lionel.  Apparently, some things from the 2018 and 2017 catalogs havent been made yet.  Still waiting for an answer as to whether we can still get certain items. Once I know what we can get, I'll put stuff up for pre-order.

Then on to buildings and accessories.  We have Woodland scenics buildings and some MTH up on the web, but not everything yet.   Have Z-stuff...none of which is up on the web yet...

the next run of Golden Gate Depot Baggage, baggage-mail, diner, and obs cars should be here in about a month....Will be updating the current in-stock of GGD cars soon too.  We have about 2 dozen heavyweight diner and obs cars here, and about the same in Head end cars and sleepers.

Thanks to all those who have supported us....



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