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I recently acquired an old Ives 1122 locomotive. When attempting to apply power the light came on but the motor was stone cold silent in both the forward and reverse directions (manual switch version).

I took it apart and think I have diagnosed it as a bad armature. When measuring the resistance between each of commutator plates it should be a short but I'm detecting an open between each pair. I was bit surprised they all were open.

A couple of questions:

1) I've read that their are folks out there that rebuild armatures. Are their any good ones that people recommend? I thought I heard about a guy on the east coast that did Ives motors.

2) The brushes have a little life left but are pretty worn. Does anyone out there sell replacements for these motors? I'm not entirely sure how they are mounted on the back of the brush plate. Are they pressed in?

Attached are a few images of the armature and brushes.

Thanks in advance for any assistance!


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@TrainMan777 posted:

Thanks for the info Larry. I'll look him up.

Has anyone with these engines had to replace their brushes?

Yes, unfortunately like other Ives O gauge motors of that era, they are soldiered in place onto the brush holders.

You should be able to send the whole motor out when you have the armature rebuilt and whomever does that work should be able to replace and adjust the brushes.

That being said, your brushes don't look too bad.  I would probably try to use them as they are.  They last a long time.  Usually I find them completely worn down to the holder arms and its scraping on the commutator face because someone has over adjusted it.  They need to be adjusted to apply just light pressure to the commutator.

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