Please forgive me for posting on our O gauge forum. I know a lot of us also run Standard Gauge trains.

I’m putting a Ives 3236 Locomotive back together and am in need of a motor fir this unit. It’s a wide gauge as Ives called it as Lionel has the copyright for “Standard Gauge”. 
any leads appreciated!

thank you



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I thought about posting over there but figured there’d be more of a chance here with the tinplate folks like me. 
I looked on the MTH site but didn’t find anything close in Ives. They reproduced the Lionel 9E which is close but, I was afraid the Lionel design motor wouldn’t fit. I have a Lionel Super Motor that is a Prewar unit and it wouldn’t fit. The mounting ears I can deal with, the problem was the wheels hitting the mounting brackets. I didn’t want to cut the Ives frame if at all possible. 


Many years ago I was looking for parts for my dad's. And there is a guy. Who is an IVES guy. And said York.  That mth  sold the parts there. Since I'm 3000 miles from York never got there.

But I did pick a frame  up from  Brian Wilson. EBay. 

His site was auctions on main. Think Tennessee.

Armature Bob hannon had on his eBay site. If you get that far. He might have an armature.


Thanks Riki,

appreciate the suggestions. I’d  like to find a complete unit  if possible.

Im not too far from York and have been there many times. But now that I’m an oldster and the traffic and aggressive drivers have made the drive a chore. 
I’ll weigh my options.


Sent email off to Harry’s, Haven’t  received a reply so far.

saw the Ives over to Choo Choo. They’re complet units. I just need a motor. I wouldn’t want to take a Complete engine apart to put another together. 
I really appreciate all the help though. 

Bill Clay posted:

9CEDCBC6-0F42-4A7F-8E62-679AEBBE6A56Absolutely. Correct.

mine is the later version with stamped steel frame and uses the Lionel #8 body. Probably the 1928 version.


Unfortunately that is going to be a harder motor to find at a reasonable price.  Those are such good motors that people don’t part with them often.

A serviced one with new wheels (usually required) tends to be valued around $200 or more.


MTH did make that locomotive, but I’m not sure how the mounting holes would line up with the frame.  Their motors are also around $200 if they have one to sell.

Personally I believe your best option would be to monitor online auctions and wait for a junker loco/set and try to get it reasonable.  Steal the motor and sell off the remaining stuff.

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I’ve been in touch with Dave. McEntarfer of The Ives Society. He put the word out to the membership for me.

if you’re interested in Ives trains, a very worthwhile organization to join. 
ive been a member for years. They issue a heat magazine called Ties and another called Tracks. 

I have a 'narrow; motor from the Ives 3241, in running order...And we have both wide & narrow Ives driver sets & axles available. The Ives narrow motor collector , I have a few left.  Harry 


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I passed on the M.E.W. parts tooling to JM Trains ( Joe Mania).  Joe is sorting and will be running some of the Ives parts also. I would suggest you let Joe know of anything that you would like to see remade. Most likely most items are too time consuming to set up for, as some operations will require 4-5 punches etc. to make.  I saved it from the scrap yard, now time for others to ??.  Harry 


Henning's Trains - Celebrating 75 Years, 1939 - 2014

Thanks Riki!

your dad is certainly Resourceful! I only tried installing a Lionel Super Motor and it didn’t fit. I didn’t get that inventive gene from my dad. I managed to put the kids toys together when they were small.

i have a line on a Ives 3235-6 motor, I’ll see if it pans out. 


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