J3a Hudsons 28072 and 38041 questions

I have pretty much given up putting new electronics in my 1990 scale Hudson and am looking possibly to buy one of the subject engines. Please advise the plus and minuses of both engines and which one you would consider over the other. Are these engines the same scale quality as the 700 E?

Much thanks for all your help. You guys make this Hobby  a lot more fun.

Best to all, Jerry 


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The models are similar, with the 38041 being most accurate I believe, experts will chime in.

These two models are the best detailed and most accurate hudsons Lionel has ever produced.

The sounds are superior in these two models when compared to the 1990 version. However, while 2 chuffs per driver revolution is an improvement  over the 1 of your 1990, the prototype has 4.

The Pittman can motor in the newer models offers far better slow speed performance and is equipped with cruise so the Loco with hold its set speed unlike the 1990. These j3a's use a similar puffer style smoke unit as the older model.

Here are videos of each,( not mine) Class lights , whistle tone, and driver type are really the only differences.

Heres the 38041 in action: ( my personal favorite, wish Lionel would make one with Legacy)


Heres the 28072:


RickO posted:
Heres the 38041 in action: ( my personal favorite, wish Lionel would make one with Legacy)

Well, with a fan driven smoke unit, a Super-Chuffer and a Chuff-Generator, you can have something that gets you a lot closer to Legacy operation.   That will get you 4-chuff/rev, volumes of chuffing smoke, smoke at idle, Rule-17 headlight and automatic cab light control.

Ricko pretty muched summed it up. 38041 is the most accurate Hudson lionel has made to date. 28072 would be as accurate if you remove the class lights from the smokebox cover. Both came with different drivers, boxpok and scullin disks, both are correct. You could mix and match the drivers and they still would be correct as NYC did the same.


Here's the instructions, check it out.  I also added the Chuff-Generator installation sheet.

Chuff Generator Installation.pdf

Super-Chuffer Documentation Rev 2 - A.pdf


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