Hey Arnold and the forum luncheon crew....I have questions.  I got the heads up that the January  Westchester Toy and train show is the same date as the Second day of Big E!   Do you guys know anything about the January 2019   Westchester toy and train show? Attendance about the same as last weeks? Same dealers?  Anything remarkably different? As much as I liked it I find it unusual that the show is so close month wise to the December show. Is that common for this show?

I may have to be in NYC that Friday through Sunday (kind of an obligation staying with family)   So Big E might be out of the equation 2019.   Btw: if so, Sorry Arnold and Melgar. 

Really the weather is Even less a predictable factor.

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There is usually an early December and late January Westchester Toy and Train Show.

You might get some better deals buying at the late January show, but you also might get better stuff at the December show.

I plan to go to the Big E for the first time on the Sunday date in January because I have other commitments that Saturday, and am interested in scenery materials. Arnold

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Hi Arnold, being on call for work in the weeee hours of the night, I am  happy to see your reply. I am not really looking for better deals nor more quality stuff( I do buy junk for cheap !) But I have found that my fascination for toys of all kinds is well saturated at Westchester toy and train show, plus a nice selection of old and new trains whatever the case may be. The company in which we share our train show experience is worth as much as what we all do here on the forum. The fun is more in the socialization and the show in a voyeuristic mode than the buying or collecting these days.  

At the Big E you will find ""Scenary  Unlimited"in the Large hall  on the right side of the fairgrounds. Everything you might be interested in will be there. The rest of the show will not dissapoint either. It's a tremendous event , first time around somewhat staggering, somewhat disorienting in that odd shaped building.  The three other halls are certainly worth your trip. I hope you Rendevous  with Melgar and other forum fellows and have Pizza for dinner. Melgar know where the best place is.

Going to try and get some sleep, only got call once for some phone management, I am almost off duty. glad I didn't have to go in! Catch you later.



I lucked out and bought a slightly damaged loco Really Cheap at the December event, a Dreyfuss NYC streamliner, and may be at the January show as well. On the other hand, I am in the midst of Really Expensive dental work—have spent about $3K so far—and am also wondering if going is worthwhile.

I got this from K & H Memorabilia there, but he might not be back in January; seems he is recovering with a broken leg from a road rage incident:



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The January show tends to have fewer vendors and smaller crowds than the December show. Having said that, one of the January shows recently had a great subway sign vendor from whom I bought this beautiful Penn Station subway sign.

 Penn Station subway sign

Anyone who comes should feel free to stop by and say hi...I'll have a table to the left about 3/4's in where I sell my book. 



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