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Hello all

Japanese National Railways also had a Hudson ..their premier fast steamer built 1948-9 ... the C62, 3'6" gauge .
Concurrently KWR built the C62 in O gauge imported into America by International.
International was one of the early importers of brass trains both in HO and O scale shortly after the war.
The models were being built by a loose network of model makers in Japan some with great talents some not so much.
The international pieces very widely in quality construction depending on the model.
For a few yen more you could get quite a nice piece that ran well.
Most of the imported pieces that found success in America were patterned after American prototypes.
International tried to pass off the C62 is just a Hudson removing the elephant ears Not too many people were impressed in America.
Catalog from 1950 shows the Hudson retailing for $45.
Please see link for video of C622 running ...of the 5 real C62's remaining C622 is the only one still running !

Cheers Carey



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In the top photo in the background looks to be a modified Lionel 260E.  Could you put up a picture and any information.  Very interesting as probably less common that today, looks like modifying and kitbashing has been going on for awhile.

As to the C62, if IMP had had the front modified and a different tender, the model could vaguely represent a Nickel Plate hudson.


That is a beautiful locomotive, and it runs like a watch! Thanks for the info on International as well, love your videos and seeing your collection running.

Your track work looks like it is vintage and came from old layouts, is that the case (it is very cool) and if so did you plan some of your layout around the old track or alter it to fit your track plan?

Was also wondering if I spy the two stall engine house that I believe Skyline made during the war for Lionel in the background while the C622 is running? I love Skyline stuff and have a hoard of it to be used on a vintage layout one of these days and have an engine house NIB but I've never built it or even taken out of the box to look at it so was just curious what one looked like built up.

Keep the great photos, videos, and info coming!

Hello all

Thank you for your kind words ....

In time more videos covering early Japanese trains ...

Two stall engine house is by Model Structures...1939-40's .....

Yes the Lionel 260 ....has grown ...Hertz did a book about converting the tinplate into original rolling stock

I'll do a video about it and other models in the collection ...

Till then ..check out the modified Ives 1122's

Cheers Carey

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