Anyone used these guys recently? Were they at York last week? Pros or Cons of their work/price?


I did a search on here but the most recent subject was from summer 2012 wanting website address or phone number.


I picked up a Pecos River Brass Hudson at York last week and want to have it upgraded. It's a conventional engine with sound, but I would like to do an all out upgrade on it, since I got it for a good price. Wish I woulda known they were in PA so I didn't have to ship it back to PA if they'll even work on it. A lot of people don't want to mess with brass engines.

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David is correct. They were there in their usual spot. If you contact them, Jeff should be able to give you a price and schedule you in. I have a Reading G3 4-6-2 by SGL that I bought from them back in 2010. I love the locomotive and plan on sending another locomotive to him(possibly next year).

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I dropped of an engine with Jeff at York for a PS2 upgrade.  It's the MTH Millennium GG-1.  Pre PS-1.   I has emailed him and he gave me a price.  At York he then gave me as estimate of completion around Christmas.  When I get it back I'll post a report. 

Thanks guys, I must have walked by his booth 50 times at least, and didn't even know it. Sucks too because I had to carry that engine with me on the plane, dragging it around all the airports, through security etc etc. I coulda just left it with him.

I never got around to the PS-2 upgrade for my K-Line hudson yet, but JDS did upgrade my O-27 Polar express engine. They installed a smoke unit, cab lighting, engineer and fireman, green marker LED's and a LED head lamp. They made my little toy engine look like something special.

If you search Polar Express upgrade, posted by GG1 man on 02/25/2012 you will see a short vedio of their work.

I would say that they do very good work at a resonable price.




Try the above link.


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Jeffrey has done two really great jobs for me and I have been very pleased with what he's done.


He was at york, in the Orange Hall.


You can check out one of them here : https://ogrforum.ogaugerr.com/t...t-from-gerry-morlitz


The other one is also a custom paint job, with upgraded steam and lighting.


His e-mail is jeffrey@jdslimitedproductions.com. I will certainly have him do more for me. IMO, highly recommended.





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