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I have been looking for a conventional Camelback, with a whistle and bell.  I only run conventional engines.

These Jersey Centrals were offered many years ago by Lionel.     The title of the product includes the word "Conventional", but when you read the description, it says that the engines have the "Trainmaster Command Control System".

I am confused.  Can you set these locos to just run in conventional only, and have a horn and whistle?  Or, is the word "conventional" in its title referring to something else.   

Are these locos fairly trouble free?  Or, are they a "stay away from these" item.

Thanks for all info


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The description on Lionel's website is a bit misleading. The locomotive is command ready, meaning the internal modular circuit boards can be replaced to upgrade the locomotive to TMCC and Railsounds. Out of the box the locomotive will only operate conventionally (transformer controlled) with SignalSounds (horn/bell and whistle).


Hello Manny,

I happen to have  a Lionel   #6-28748 (cab #772) Jersey Central Lines Camelback. TMCC, Railsounds, etc. Test run only, L/N; All original packing including outer shipping box for sale at $275 FIRM Plus shipping and 4% PayPal fees. Yes, it will run in conventional only (bell & whistle only). The Lionel Camelbacks are smaller steam engines but nonetheless are full O scale engines in all dimensions (L,W,H)

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