Accumulating for a 7' x 24' layout.  Looking for Johnson's O-Gauge roadbed - straights, O-42, O-54 and O-72 curves.  If anyone has any they are looking to sell, even just a piece or two, please let me know.  Thanks!


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I don't know why but  between O gauge and S gauge there seems to be a high demand for Johnson Roadbed. Makes me wonder why no one has purchased the tooling to produce it? Seems to me there is a Market out their for this product!  If I could have found rubber road bed I would have kept with Lionel tubular track.

Old thread but this is the only one people are responding to. I live in an apartment with hardwood floors and have a large store of tubular O track. I do not want to use noisy expensive FasTrack. Johnson's rubber roadbed would be perfect but I can't find O straits.

My local shop owner told me the Owner did not want to import any more as she would have to order a container full and she thought with FasTrack becoming popular nobody would want it. She was looking for takers on the tooling I was hoping sombody would step up and acquire it.

I had this issue with a temporary Christmas layout in my parents' home.  I couldn't find the right pieces of rubber roadbed either.  So I purchased a rectangle of inexpensive low pile indoor-outdoor carpet at Lowe's to both quiet things down, and also to keep the tubular track from scratching their new floor.  There was NO WAY I was going to use Fasttrack or MTH set track in this setting- first, I wanted to stick with the tubular track for nostalgia reasons.  Second, it's their room for TV, breakfast, and lunch.  With the trains running, you wouldn't have been able to hear yourself think!!

Creep, coast, and pull.  We're not talking about cold fusion here.

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