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OK, this isn't to start another "crunchy wheat, nicely sweet" discussion about whose track has more selection, potential or whatever.


This is merely to show that these two track systems can be joined and work together with a little modification.


Rail height for both the Lionel & SHS track is .133”
The base of the rail for both is .104” wide
The web of the rail is the only measurable difference.  Lionel is .025”, SHS is .023”.

For all practical purposes, the rail is identical.


But, the locking systems aren't even close.  To join these two track systems together, something's gotta give...


Track 031012 05r

Track 031012 06r

Track 031812 05r


The easiest is to remove the socket on the FasTrack and create an opening for SHS plug to fit:


Track 031812 06r


With several cuts with a razor saw and scoring with an X-acto knife, an opening a half inch wide will allow the enough clearance for the SHS plug to pass through, allowing the sections to be joined.


Then, all that's needed is to now is to a little clean up and join the two sections together and you're done!


Track 031812 08r


Track 031812 07r

Track 031812 03r


Obviously, the locking feature of these two track systems is gone at this point, but either a metal clip could be formed or a hole could be drilled on the ends for a small screw and nut to hold the track together.  For a permanent transition piece, an ABS compatible glue could be used.




Images (7)
  • Track 031012 05r
  • Track  031812 05r
  • Track 031012 06r
  • Track  031812 06r
  • Track  031812 08r
  • Track  031812 07r
  • Track  031812 03r
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Good Day Rusty,


Thanks for the information on the two track systems.


Here are the suggestions that I e-mailed to Lionel last week.


Two larger radius curves


Track 24” or 30” length


One Larger radius switch (High Speed Switch) easier for large steam engines and diesel locomotives to run through. Also great to have for connecting two parallel tracks.






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