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Hello everyone, with my daughter turning 2 and the arrival of my son this July we are moving my daughter into the spare bedroom (current train room) and that means the floor layout has to go.


My amazing wife is giving me her craft room (she moved all her craft stuff to the guest room) to use as a train room and gave me the ok to build a permeant layout. The room is 12.5 x 8.5 feet with a 2 x 2 foot closet.


This will be my build thread and will post updates on progress here.

First thing, track planning. I have created an around the room layout using fastrack in anyrail. I already have a bunch of fastrack so I decided to stick with it for my build (I have seen some great layouts using fastrack).  I want a stageing level below the layout with reverse loop, a main level with 2 ovals and industries to service and an upper loop with reverse loop. Images of the 3 levels from anyrail below:

Layout 1 rev1 Main LevelLayout 1 rev1 Stageing LevelLayout 1 rev1 Upper Loop

I am open to any suggestions on this plan, AnyRail file attached.

Thanks, I am excited to get started!


Images (7)
  • DSC_2050
  • DSC_2051
  • DSC_2327
  • DSC_2328
  • Layout 1 rev1 Main Level
  • Layout 1 rev1 Stageing Level
  • Layout 1 rev1 Upper Loop
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The floor layout is gone. My wife helped me inventory the track as I disassembled. She also helped box up the locomotives, told me it was one of the most tedius things I have ever asked her to do. Got everything stored in the new train room for now.

I need to compare the parts list in the anyrail plan to what I have on hand and place an order for any additional track this weekend while many of our fourm sponsors are running sales.

We discussed height of the main level of the new layout, sounds like 40" will work so she can help with the scenery and the kids will be able to see.

Might try tweaking the track plan some more. Any comments or suggestions to improve the plan are welcome.

Progress Pictures



Images (4)
  • DSC_2386
  • DSC_2387
  • DSC_2388
  • DSC_2389

Streamlined the track plan a bit, fixed some errors (2 036 full curves made it out there somehow), and addressed some of the messy connections. Updated anyrail file attached.

Layout 1 rev2 Main and UpperLayout 1 rev2 Main LevelLayout 1 rev2 Stageing LevelLayout 1 rev2 Upper Loop

I cross referenced the track inventory from the floor layout teardown with the track list from anyrail and placed an order for the additional track I will need (took advantage of Labor Day sales).

Next, I am going to start roughing in the footprints of structures I own and some I plan to purchase.


Images (4)
  • Layout 1 rev2 Main and Upper
  • Layout 1 rev2 Main Level
  • Layout 1 rev2 Stageing Level
  • Layout 1 rev2 Upper Loop
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Nice. I'm working on ideas for my own layout. What size curves do you use? Also, which control system(s)?

Dylan, thanks for asking, I should have included that information.

I'm using a mix of 048 060 and 072 curves. Generally, a mix of 048 and 060 on the stageing level, 060 on the outer main loop, 048 on the inner main loop, and a mix of 072 and 060 on the upper loop with some 048 in there to make the reverse loop work.

I run modern scale diesel locomotives and modern scale rolling stock. Everything I own has been run on 048 with no issues.

Right now I'm only using legacy control. I may look into adding DCS in the future but that may be a few years out, I don't have any MTH powered units and it's an extra cost I'm not planning for right now.

What sort of space do you have for your layout?

I don't have the space right now for my new layout, but I currently have a loop of Fastrack with O36 curves on a shelf around my bedroom which is 10 X 14 feet. I run Legacy as well, but I also plan to buy DCS and larger curves in the future. My future layout will be built in a 12 X 24 foot detached shed that will also serve as a guest room, so I will get about 11 X 17 feet (or so). The layout won't be started for a while. For now, I will save money and work on plans for the layout. I will also be using Fastrack for my layout.

Some goodies have arrived.

Layout supplies I bought during labor day sale from Trainworld


Some used items I picked up from Trainz to help complete the layout


My order of Atlas 62' bulkheads and 68' flats I placed with MrMuffin months ago arrived


Some items I ordered from Brady's Trains as a b-day present


And a like new Lionel BNSF ES44AC from the 2019 catalog I found for sale locally at a price I couldn't pass up (I had to ask my wife nicely before I bought this, didn't want to end up in the doghouse for coming home with another train)


I also received the BNSF SD70MAC I pre-ordered from my LHS (haven't even taken it out of the shipper yet), an order of wire, terminal blocks and 110 fastons. I still want to play around in anyrail and place the structures I currently own on the layout and see what additional structures could be added. I also need to inventory all the scrap 2x4s and plywood I have scrounged from work to see if I have enough for the benchwork.

My wife and I discussed some of the scenery, some elements we would like to incorporate, she is going to do a lot of the heavy lifting with the scenery. She reminds me she went to art school and took classes on how to carve foam. For some of the elevated sections I leaning towards using the Scenic Express Girder Bridge Plates.

I also need to upgrade the lighting in the room and discuss backdrop options with my wife. Still lots to figure out before I start laying track.



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  • DSC_2411
  • DSC_2412
  • DSC_2413
  • DSC_2414
  • DSC_2415

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