Over the last couple of years I've managed to acquire all the parts I needed to assemble a #78 signal. These parts mostly came from various junk lots I bought so essentially this signal cost me almost nothing.


Now that it's finished I cannot get it to work right. I'm guessing the nichrome wire that heats the bi-metal strip is broken.  This is ok though as I never liked the look of the 78 as a railroad signal, in my estimation it looks more like a traffic light.  So digging into my junk box again I came up with the internals to a #91 circuit breaker. So now I'm thinking of turning this into a Circuit breaker indicator since it would be simple to wire it to have green on all the time except when the breaker pops. Anyone ever do anything like this or is this heresy to take a good but broken 78 and make it a circuit breaker indicator?



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