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@Sam Jumper posted:

I was at the NYC museum in Elkhart, Indiana. I think the Lionel Conrail tender is based on the auxiliary tender behind the Mohawk in Elkhart. Here’s a picture I took of the coal bunker of that tender. During the Chessie steam special, what was this area used for? Coal? Water or oil in back?


It was likely used for tool storage. This is the case for the coal bunkers with many auxiliary tenders today, including the Vanderbilt tender with 2100 which I am involved with. The water space was kept a water space, of course.

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@Gpritch posted:

It amazes me that something like this makes it into production while the Reading & Northern Aux tender was cancelled.  Fantasy vs Reality.  Oh well!

@david1 posted:

Now that would have been better!


What generated enough pre-orders to justify production got made.  Most times if something got cancelled it was because not enough people ordered it.  These tenders also had an advantage, all 6 offerings were the same base model, just got different pad printings for the sides.

The tender appears to be decorated with the new UV Ink Jet printing similar to what Lionel uses on USA made production.  So they can customize smaller runs.  I could be wrong but it has that look for the white.  Very well done though.  I am sure the Chinese factories have the ink jet printers...I know MTH does and showed it in a video.  Saves from having to tool up the pad printing plate.

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