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I am happy to announce that the 50th Anniversary Special HD Blu-ray disc is now available in our web store.  We only have a limited number available for the holiday season.. so if you snooze you lose!  We have kept the price low on this Blu-Ray two disc set so hurry over to the OGR WEB STORE and get your copy.  This is an opportunity to have a special video in your collection so don't wait too long to make your purchase....first come, first served!  Enjoy and we thank all of you for your support!

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Just getting around to playing Disc 1. I'm now watching the video of the 1st featured layout. It's spectacular.

In the 1st video, there is a tremendous amount of extraordinary modeling and gorgeous trains, structures and scenery. What an extravaganza of a layout! I know that I will be able to watch it a hundred times and still see new and interesting things.

 Also, the commentary is extremely informative for building an advanced modern layout.



I can't thank OGR Magazine enough for creating and promoting this spectacular OGR 50th Anniversary Blue Ray 2 disc set of 3 rail train layout videos. I absolutely love it. I got it in mid November for my birthday, and it's still going strong for me, even after seeing each video over 3 times.

This is only my 2nd purchase of a set of train layout videos, the 1st being the McComas and Tuoy 6 video set in the late 1980s/early 1990s. I loved that one too, and still, periodically, watch it.

IMO, this 50th Anniversary set is entertaining and instructive now, and will be for many years to come. I like to play it late at night, and fall asleep with it still running. LOL. More likely to have sweet dreams watching these train videos than the news. LOL

The layouts shown are all huge and masterfully made. Although I know I will never have a layout comparable to those shown in this 2 disc set (among other things my basement is a small fraction of the size of these layouts), these videos give my ideas every time I watch them, to improve my layout. 

All of the owners of the layouts shown seem to be wonderful people, very generous sharing their masterpieces, and many, perhaps all of them, are active on this Forum. 

My dream, which is a long shot because I don't travel long distances much, is to visit each layout, and meet each owner in person. Arnold

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