After Marty E advised me as to where I could purchase the new Up dated LC/LC+ Universal Remote Control I quickly ordered one from the Imperial Train Shop.  It arrived today.

For the minimal money Lionel wants for this incredible stand alone remote control I must say I am totally impressed.  A child friendly Hand Held Remote Control, Orange in Color that not only runs 6 different LC/LC+ Engines all at the same time, on the same tracks, it has the capability to Pair Engines to make it happen.  The bonus is the addition of the new Sound level Control, all this for around $50.00.  As a child I dreamed of having Hand Held Remote Controls like this, LIONEL still the big time Train Company!

Lionel I like this Child Friendly HHRC right down to the packaging!



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Very cool, that is a lot of control at a great price.


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I have also purchased the LC/LC+ Universal Remote Control. I am quite satisfied with it for my three FlyerChief engines but, the question, how does it run six different engines at the same time?

I do agree with you on the dream of a hand held control, I love it, be it Legacy or FlyerChief. I have both and they have made model railroading and running trains so much more than I ever imagined it could be.

Maybe more FlyerChief in my future?

Merry Christmas


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Same as Ray’s question above, I too would like to know how you got it to run 6 engines at the same time?  There’s only 3 buttons.

Me too.  I'm running two on the same track, but it doesn't control the track, it controls the individual engines.  Mine still has the six minute flaw, and I'm still waiting for the Android update.  Despite that, it sync's the engine speed better than the individual remotes, so I use it all the time.


For the record, bluetooth BLE is capable of forty simultaneous two-way control channels. Lionel's particular implementation with the three button universal remote is limited to three at one time. There are other bluetooth systems that can go higher than three simultaneously.


   According to the direction inside the box, you can couple 1 set of 2 engines on each button, of the 3 different entry buttons, and run 3 sets of 2 engines.  That to my MIT math is six engines all controlled by the new Universal Remote, at the same time, on the same track, if you want to.  Unless I am misinterpreting the directions.


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Under “normal” operation, each of the three buttons connect/pair to one LC/LC+ locomotive, for total of controlling up to 3 locomotives.

That being said, there is a section in the manual on connecting more than one device to one channel:

- FT ABA LC+ sets.  One button can be paired to the powered A and B units of these sets, along with the un-powered A unit.  So you do control two powered units with one button, same as you would with the original single controller that comes with the set.

- Up to three identical (same product number) LC/LC+ engines can be paired to one channel.  Likely used for an MU consist.


  My Lionel directions do not limit the engines to the same exact product number, if that is the case that changes everything.  I can now see why you are questioning my post.  By the way the directions are written I believe the engines can be paired together using any of the LC & LC+ type Engines, simply by programming them separately then setting them joined on the Tracks and running them joined as a double header at the same time.  If this is not true Lionel needs to clean up their directions.


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Now I am eeally confused, so I went to check the box my remote came in and only found the manual, same version as the one in this link.

I cannot find anything in it similar to what you are referencing, but on at least 4 occasions make reference to up to 3 devices can be connected to one remote, with the exceptions I mentioned above.

Perhaps @Railsounds can chime in and clear it up.



   When I purchase the LC Camel Back some time in the near future, I intend to try programming it and the Toy Maker Engine, with the Universal Remote joining both the Santa Toy Maker Engine and the Camel Back together, and actually seeing what happens.


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"Pairing" engines in the same channel requires that the two engines be identical.   For instance, two NS SD60Ms, or a special case is the FTA&B.   There is no actual pairing process, the identical engines both receive and respond to the same commands.  

So you can run three different sets of locos, but each set must be exactly identical (FT exception noted).

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   Ok now this explains it, there is no real electrical pairing, bummer.  Lionel needs to clean up their written direction to make this absolutely clear.  Might be the person that actually wrote the directions was not an American English speaking employee, would not be the 1st time.

Ken thank you the the clarity!


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Actually, yes there is a pairing process!  Connect and pair mean the same thing, so when you connect a locomotive to button 1 following the instructions in the manual, you are pairing that locomotive to that button on the remote.  There is no pairing from locomotive to locomotive, just from the locomotives to the remote.

If you read page 8 in the manual in the link above, maybe it will explain it better than I have been.

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