just received the SF PA from Charles Ro

just in case you where waiting for the new SF PA's I just received mine today they look good the paint is great not as bright in color as on the original Flyer but still very nice it will be running under the tree this year.

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You can’t beat, for my money, a flyer (flyonel) ALCo PA.  Especially in Santa Fe.  

Love it.  My 1997 Flyer Santa Fe passenger set is one of the few things I kept when getting outta S.  It’s just Iconic.  I have framed the 1997 Lionel-Flyer catalog add for it.  

I almost picked up that legacy set, but it was not blue tooth capable and I had sold off my legacy controller.  

Its beautiful none the less...


Rusty Traque posted:

I'll probably get beat up for this but:  Wouldn't it be nice if the PA's (and EP5's) got upgraded pilots like the Geep?


Or, how about just an enclosed pilot on the lead PA like the Gilbert No. 360? Simple. Cheap to do. Aesthetically great. Almost no one uses the front coupler. I have suggested this to the good folks at Cicrle L Ranch many times <sigh>. 

The new PAs are pretty. Enjoy!


Wow, they even have the builder's plates on them. The fine scale-like paint jobs really make that front coupler opening look bad! With the details they've added, I'm surprised The class lights are still just "bumps" and not fitted with lenses, or at least jewels.


David "two rails" Dewey

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