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gunrunnerjohn posted:

I bought the last one they had at York for $400.  She did mention they had more back at the shop, so a call to Eastern Depot may yield a cheaper price than you get at Western Depot.  I actually had asked WD if they'd consider less, and they said no.

Thank you for mentioning! Eastern Depot has a few left. I had a nice conversation with Esther!

wmcwood posted:
gunrunnerjohn posted:

The only caveat I have on these is they use the K-Line cruise module, and a number of people have had to replace the cruise with the ERR cruise when it failed. 

Any idea why the cruise fails and can it be prevented? 

Former Lionel CTO Jon Z explained this many moons ago. I doubt its still archieved and I don't recall the particulars but it may have to do with speed sensor circuitry failing over time??? Maybe someone with a better memory than mine or Jon Z will chime in.

Also early releases of these would loose chuff. This was rectified by placing a diode in the chuff input to the R2LC. Later ones may have had this done by the dealers. If your engine chuffs reliably then its OK.


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My new one has the diode in a little jumper cable with connectors, obviously fabricated in bulk and added to all of them at a later time.

I do have some issues on how the smoke motor is handled, the big thing is when you stop the smoke unit stays on, but the motor doesn't run.  If you sit for any time at all, it cooks the wick pretty bad.

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Hi All,

      Here is a video of my new 14 year old Reading tank engine.  The video was done on a cell phone, so it OK for a cell video.  The detail on the engine is great, as with most K-lines.  Engine ran well, and cruise performed without problems.  As you can see the engine had no trouble with smoke, not bad for 12 years ago.  Video was done at the LSHR club layout with other K-line items as you can see.  The diode for chuffing smoke was installed by Eastern Depot before purchase.  The sounds are standard for that time frame.  Always wanted one of these, and I am not disappointed.

I got my hands on the CNJ version a while back.  It runs great though my layout has some bad-power spots that trip the engine up.  It's my fault for wiring the table poorly not the train's fault.  It's a good runner.  I had to have the smoke unit replaced bc I burned it out but other than that its a good runner whether or not the smoke unit is going.  I weathered it a few years ago and its one of my favorite engines to run.  Nice and small and good for any size layout.  Bought it for around 400. 




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