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Hi all

Before I purchase one of them, I would dearly like to know if the K-Line 15" 4-truck flatcars with loads (K693-1932 Bethlehem Steel Pipe   K693-1211 CP Die Cast Flat Car w/Lumber Load  K692-1091 B&O Die Cast Flat Car w/Boat Propeller  etc) are O-31, or if they require larger diameter track.  I have one of their 15" Boat loaders and that runs fine on O-31 (and squeaks around O-27), but that has only 2 trucks.  We also use O22 switches.  I don't care about looks--we run plenty of other 16" cars that look a bit too big for O-31 curves, but I am very interested in "will they physically go around without derailing."

Thank you very much!


PS: I know that Tandem recommends O-72 for the 4-truck 6418 flatcar, but I don't know if that is for "looks" or for the more basic "it doesn't want to run on smaller track."

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