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Hi Folks,

Still trying to sort out my new A5.   I have a question please.

I have a Z-1000 transformer.  I also have three dual can engine diesels, including a big heavy Lionel Sante Fe El Capitan (I think it's an F-3).

When I run these diesels on my layout, and blow the horns or bells, or even blow them at the same time, I experience zero slow-down with these engines.

My K-Line A5 has a whistle tender, and the whistle is the only sound function it has.  When I push the horn button on my transformer, the loco experiences very noticeable slow-down.  If it is traveling at what I would call a slow speed, it almost comes to a stop.

I was just wondering if this slowdown for a small steamer loco with whistle tender is normal or not.  I know my transformer is not the greatest, but it is curious to me that none of my diesels demonstrate slow-downs, but this loco certainly does.

If this is normal, then fine.  Or, is there is something special about "whistles" that slow down all steamers through power drain, then that's fine too.  I just would like to know.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, this NIB A5 has a reverse unit that just won't work consistently.  Since I almost never back a train up, and consider it a big annoyance that a loco wants to shift into neutral and reverse every time I bring it to a stop, I've decided to ignore this problem and be happy.   (As a side note, I have been looking at used A5s online today, including one offered by Trainz, and found two of them that say that the reverse unit pcb has been replaced.  So, it sounds to me like this is a common defect or weakness in these models.)

On the other hand, if this big slow-down is not considered normal, then I may be sending it back.  It was advertised as NIB, but now I have some suspicions.     (That would be too bad, since it is a beautiful engine and runs very nicely.)

Thanks very much for all info.


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Hi John,

Thanks as always for the info.

My engine is engine #94.

I flipped over the tender, and saw the speaker, but there is no sort of volume or other control on the bottom of the tender.

I have attached a picture of the Specifications Label on the front of the box, as well as the underside of the tender.

If the diagnosis is a bad whistle sound board, then I am definitely sending this one back.






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