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good morning. i recently purchased a factory sealed K-Line ARR passenger set, the coaches are gorgeous. heavy,  solid and very well done. the baggage car windows ( plastic film ) have fallen out, the glue they used not so good. i tried to remove shell to fix them, but the shell would'nt budge. i can't fix the windows from the outside of the car. any tips or suggestions? thanks, tim

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How did you try removing the shell? K-Line aluminum cars mostly have the frame sliding into U-channels on the bottom of the body extrusion, with screws through the frame into the car’s end caps. The screws have to come out, the end caps off and then you pull the frame out. I have had to apply WD-40 to get the frame to budge sometimes; it was always a fairly tight fit.

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wow, i tried to remove the screws from the bottom of the car, to lift the shell off. i will look at the end caps and try it. thanks, really helpful tip.

It should work but the sliding out and back in is tedious. If the car has lighting, you also have to check that the wire from the trucks to the  light board is detached; it is usually close to one of the end caps. (Lionel's 21" ABS cars are an advance over the old construction because they are meant to unscrew and lift off relatively easily - provided that the double-sided tape they use to affix windows has not been put between the shell and frame as well.)

Hi new to the forum but will try to help.  As stated once the screws are removed try to gently wiggle the ends out.  On a baggage car it is harder.  On other cars  if they have a vestibule end you can grab it by the doors and get a much better grip.  The wire from the trucks to the lighting boards are in one corner of the car and are usually held in place with silicone caulk.  Try to pull off the end without the wires.  Look through the open baggage door to figure out which end.

Pictures of your issue? You may have to remove both ends to make it easier for yourself. That is the easiest part.

If the floor is at all off kilter it may not slide easily. Try gently spreading or squeezing the shell to adjust the bottom of the extrusion so the floor can slide freely in the channels.

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Glad to try to help.  One thing that can help is take a flashlight and look inside the car towards an end.  You will notice there is a rib at the top of the alum extrusion that the plastic end wraps around, this can make removal very hard, especially on a car with a blank end like the baggage car.  As previously mentioned vestibile ends are much easier to remove cause they are much easier to grip.  Advantge of the baggage car is you can look inside a see what is going on.

thanks guys, both great tips.  much appreciated. i've decided, since i only run my trains between dec. 1st and may 1st, i'm going to enjoy them for now and make all repairs before everything is packed away for hurricane season. it takes me about 3 weeks to set up the 10x7 3 track layout, town, people, etc. and another 3 weeks to break it down, i'm gonna wait for now. most likely take a trip to the lhs in may. we'll see. thanks again, tim

hey guys, gg1, hancock5 and bobbyd. decided to put my big boy pants on this morning and attempt to make the repairs on my baggage car windows. followed your tips and instructions, took the car apart. really simple to remove the ends and the floor and light bar slid right out. i decided not to use glue (not the best gluer) so i cut some clear packing tape bigger than the windows and fixed all 4 doors. not only does the packing tape hold the windows in place, it keeps the doors from opening while the car is moving. so, once again thanks for all your help. tim

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