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Wondering if any one has 4-Pac K-4630T and can tell me what the mystery car is?

I REALLY like K-Line Aluminum Passenger cars particularly the 18" Versions, Standard Height (not Hi-Level) with Shiny finish.  I saw web references to this set, It is the El Capitan but not Hi-Level.  I was starting to think it may have been cataloged but never actually produced.  While pricewise it may not be the holy grail of K-Line Passenger cars, it became mine.  It took me over a year before I found any available.  So snatched-up the 3 cars available which were K4630-31505 Diner, -33106 Chair Car, -33199 Observation.  Numbering is somewhat Lionel fashion, in that -31505 denotes car number 1505.  One problem it did not appear the 4th car in the set was available.  So can anyone solve the mystery and let me know what I am searching for.  It was cataloged in 2004 and the cars have the swinging lower skirting (wish they didn't, but it is what it is).

BTW this is NOT the more available K-4630C Super Chief 18" 4-Pac of 2000.  That set has silver painted roof and ends (but fixed lower skirting).  I was able to obtain that as a NIB set in the original shipper.

Thank you in advance to anyone that can help!

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Welcome to the greatest hobby around: toy trains, and welcome to the forum. There are many people here who can help you....all you need to do is ask.

These cars appeared in the 2004 First Edition catalog. The car you are missing is the Baggage Dorm Chair car, # 3481. Other than the separately-sold business car, the cars you have were the only 18-inch Santa Fe aluminum cars in the catalog that year. All the other Santa Fe cars were either 15 or 21, most of them being 21.

I hope this helps, and welcome aboard!


It helps greatly, been struggling to find info for a year.  Thank you VERY much John.  I will try to contact the seller now to see if they can find the missing car.

I see you are also a member of the NJ HiRailers, I would really like to visit the layout some time.  I live in Poughkeepsie so too far away to join and attend on a regular basis, but would really love to see it in person some day.  The photos I have seen are amazing!

Hi Blue Comet.  I have more PRR K-Line Alum, than any other Road.

Bought a 18" Broadway Ltd Set (6-22433) NIB with shipper.  The "Fleet of Modernism" is my favorite PRR scheme, it's so Art Deco.  Then found an 18" Imperial View Pullman (6-22421).  For the head end have 15" Fleet of Modernism Cars; Combine, RPO, Baggage.  Makes one beautiful train!  Still may get another 15" baggage or 2 at some point (if the price is right).

The other PRR cars I have are 15" Alexander Hamilton Obs and Betsy Ross DOME!  The last car listed is by far the most un-prototypical thing I own.  But as I said in the start of this post I like Shiny Cars!  If you have aluminum cars might as well show it off.

Thanks again for your help and the offer for further assistance! 

Mainline Steam, the members of the NJHR club are some of the best ambassadors this hobby has.  They run open houses every year and the host OGR Forum members for Trainstock every year.  You really should make plans to attend Trainstock next year.  Chris Lord and Ben Fiorello(BluelineC4), here on the forum would be good contacts for info about the club.

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Coach Joe - Thanks!  Trainfest has been added to the schedule.

Bryce - Thanks!  That is great info to add to this thread if others reference it.  Along that line I am going to explain the "detective work" I used to gather information for the set.

I was aware and had referenced the site, that is how I figured out it was set K-4630T.  Initially I had just seen some pictures, believed might have searched for Shiny K-Line sets and saw the Observation drumhead said El Capitan.  What was frustrating for my search is if you click on the link for K-4630T it gives no information on the induvial cars.  For many other sets it gives lots of info.  Actually had to deduce it was that set because the 18" Hi-Level (El Capitan) cars were covered by other sets.  One thing that helped was this set has the swing out skirts, so knew it was toward the end of the line of K-Line Aluminum Cars.  Hence a high letter suffix (T).  Once I got the car it was in Yellow and Black Box, but does not actually say Lionel on the box (some other sets do).  Also the cars have the LED lighting not the tubular Incandescent.

To round things out, it was finally a sunny day, so am adding photos comparing the Observation for this and K-4630C.  Really like the Shiny Finish over the silver painted.  If and when I get the missing car will probably document the whole set.

Hope this can help others going forward! - Jim


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Forgot to mention; note the cars actually have different window arrangements and interiors.

For those that aren't Santa Fe Fans; the El Capitan was a Coach Train while the Super Chief was a Sleeper (Pullman) Train.  In the later years of Santa Fe, as the number of riders dwindled, the trains were combined.  However by that time the El Capitan was using Hi-Level cars.  The Hi-Level cars were of course were the genesis for the Superliners.

Interestingly when I rode the City of New Orleans in 1994 it was advertised as using Superliners.  In truth is was a mixed consist of Hi-Levels and Superliners, of course all had the then current Amtrak Striping.

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