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I recently came into possession of some older K-Line engines and passenger cars.  Most of the pieces I have been able to locate on Ebay and other various sites for pricing.  I have one set that I cannot find much on and wonder if anybody can give me some insight on the value.  I have the Midnight Chief Santa Fe F3 ABA set, has command control with smoke and lights, but does not appear to have cruise.  I also have the 4 car set of 18" passengers cars.  All the cars have passenger figures.  All pieces are new and have not been !  Debating if I am going to keep this set or let it go.  Thanks for any help.

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You can find - if you haven’t ready - the original retail prices in the Legacy K-Line Catalog Browser:

In that listing, the F3 A~B~A  set is numbered K-25303TC and is not specifically described as the Midnight Chief although that is what it is. K-Line appears to have issued a total of 8 cars made up of the 4 car set I think you have and two 2 car add on sets. All the cars were 18” and aluminum body.

These models date from 2005 and were not cheap. I recall looking at them at the time and deciding that the price for what is essentially a fantasy scheme was too high. However, good quality K-Line engines and passenger cars are fairly sought-after. Can’t help on auction prices for a whole set but if you have seen the single cars that come up on auction, you’ll get an idea that they have more or less held their value.

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K-Line also made an 18" business observation car with the square back end and ornate railing.


I also remember a business car called the Black Mesa. In around 2010 I think Lionel did a few Midnight Chief cars - maybe as K-Line by Lionel - and these sometimes come up on auction sites. The business car was one of them, SKU 6-21703, and I assume that like a lot of Lionel’s best aluminum cars was based on K-Line tooling.



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