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My parents recently visited and brought with all O/O27 scale trains (mostly Lionel) that I acquired during my childhood (~15 years ago). I of course went to my LHS and bought some FasTrack and a MTH Z1000 transformer so I could run them around on the floor of our extra room. I ended up purchasing the Legacy system and a few more things on eBay. Needless to say, I'm very excited to get back into this hobby.

My K-Line Big Boy with TMCC and RailSounds is behaving strangely. The second set of drive wheels won't turn except for about 1/4 rotation when it changes direction. I've attached a video of this behavior in Legacy mode and I confirmed the same behavior in conventional mode. I tried putting it on the track a few times with and without the tender in Legacy mode and sometimes it would move (the 1st set of wheels dragging the stuck 2nd set) and sometimes it wouldn't. This behavior was also the same in conventional mode. 

I suppose I may be looking at two separate issues (stuck wheels, doesn't always move when it should) or two separate manifestations of the same issue. I have to imagine this issue is power delivery/motor related, but I haven't done any work on model trains before, so I'm not sure what I should be looking for.

Is it possible the motor that drives the 2nd set of wheels is stuck after it's been sitting on the shelf for so long? My other late 90s/early 2000s locomotives (Amtrak Dash-9 #510, UP GP-9 powered/dummy #2380/#2381) have been running ok. Any tips, advice, or similar experiences appreciated!




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Thanks for your quick response @gunrunnerjohn! I've been lurking on the forum over the last few weeks and have consistently seen you providing solid advice and sharing what is obviously a wealth of knowledge, so I was hoping you'd respond! 😁

I took a closer look at the drive rods as you suggested and didn't notice any differences when comparing the 2nd set that wasn't working with the first that was. After that, I figured I'd throw it on the tracks again and see what happens. I had forgotten to reconnect my Legacy base, so when I started cranking the voltage, the Big Boy took off like a rocket! Thankfully, I caught it before it was able to execute any crazy maneuvers. I reconnected Legacy base, started it up, and it ran beautifully! I'm not sure if things just needed to loosen up, and maybe the reverse direction test last night + the quick 0-60 this morning took care of that, but I'm quite happy my favorite (and only) steam locomotive is back up and running!

Here's a quick video of the Big Boy pulling my string of wood side reefers and matching caboose - just FasTrack on the floor right now, but I'm already having a great time just watching the trains roll by like I did when I was a kid 😊


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I have this same locomotive, and love it.  I've also been in it a couple times.  I would make sure that the screw on the bottom of the driver set is tight, and well as take the boiler off and make sure the motor bracket screws are tight and the motor is properly engaging with the axles.  Just a little off and it'll bid and or chew up the gears.  Mine has so many hours on it the gears are visibly worn.

I'm a bit of a lubrication nut and would do a thorough lub of the rods and axles.  On my Big Boy, there are removable plates on each set of drive wheels from the bottom with the engine on its back; easy to get at the drive gear to clean it and add lube (I use RednTacky on the drive gear); however, I will defer to Sinclair on the way to get at your drive gears.  Even when I get a new Lionel loco, I give it a thorough lube - oil rods and axles and grease gears.

You will find a great bunch of guys on this forum for any help you need; the fellas helped me repair my Big Boy when the main smoke unit failed even right down to how to solder.

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