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Here is a stupid question  according to Legacy K-Line website They made a heavyweight 4pack in the road name of Boston Albany K-4470D, did the actually make it or was it cancelled? If they did product it can someone post some pics just so I can it what it looks like? It was in the 2005 Vol 1 catalog but with my current situation I don't have access to my catalogs. Thanks!

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 I model the B&A and don't believe they were produced. This would probably have been in line with the Tank engine they did. The B&A rostered coaches and commuter type cars. No heavyweights other than probably a diner. If you are just looking for cars. MTH did a set back when they did the Hudson. What are you using for motive power ?  PULLMAN's would work with the Hudson with the MTH add on diner. If you looking for cars for the Tank engine. An undecorated GGD coach or if you need a shorter car. Atlas makes undecorated also. Lettering is available but not for passenger cars. You could find someone to do a custom set. Scott Mann seemed interested a while back in offering coaches. I sent him some photos but it didn't happen. I guess most that bought the Tank engine probably have less than 072 curves. I've have seen a few 2 rail versions though. Maybe the next run from GGD they may at least offer them and see if they meet the minimum number to produce.

Thanks for the info! Actually I was looking to run them behind my B&A Berkshire.  I was thinking of mth but have not found any. I would like to get a set of Atlas but I will just wait to see they make down the road.

My layout is not the big & would love to run 042 maybe 054.

Guess I'll be looking for the mth & hope the colors come close.

The B&A Tank engine is next on my wish list.

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